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Hernando superintendent Wayne Alexander, School Board are problems

Alexander, board are problems

It is time for us to set term limits for School Board members. The president of the United States is limited but our School Board can stay until they die as long as re-elected. It would be even better if to vote for School Board you had to have a student in the system!

I attended the noon April 24, Hernando County Board of Education public meeting. This meeting absolutely appalled me. I have watched a pre-K class my wife taught over 20 years ago have a more intelligent group discussion. This board spent over one hour stating, restating, talking to hear themselves talk, and in one case, nominating a former superintendant that lied to us for sainthood and never addressed the true issue.

One member of this group could not figure out how to use a laptop without a mouse attached. Ask a 5 year old!

Some of this board want to blame the turmoil in our schools on the economy. Every district in the country has the same economy; what they do not have is Dr. Wayne Alexander. Dr. Alexander has stated he is gone after next year or before, in his prepared statement he said that if he got the job in Massachusetts for which he is now shortlisted, or he would negotiate with both systems for a last day. All one member can say is June 30, 2010.

If Dr. Alexander did not deliver to this board something in writing before he inquired about, applied for, or sent a resume to another system, he violated his contract. It does not matter how many conversations took place (can you spell sunshine?), his contract says in writing before the board in advance, not after caught and Dr. Alexander should be terminated with no severance, no good reference, and recent cuts reversed and reviewed.

How much of Dr. Alexander's salary has he cut to save a teacher's job?

Richard Ross, Brooksville

An armed future is no future at all

In response to the disparaging remarks about Dan Dewitt, I suppose the writer had a right since he went after Hummer owners. Yes, she's right they are American made — made to show off our greed and ostentatiousness.

As to the gun issue, all who can read, and would like to arm the populace, need to read a novel set in the fully armed future. The title is State of Mind by John Katzenbach. I, for one, would not like to live in that future.

Keep on exposing our ills and faults, Dan. We need to know.

Jan Kalnbach Brooksville

Prejudgement spurs violence

I am a granola-eating, nature-loving peaceful citizen, and I am a gun owner. By columnist Dan Dewitt's judgement, I am an oxymoron.

Violence in this world is perpetuated by the kind of stereotyping that Mr. Dewitt exhibits in his writing. There cannot be peace in the world as long as you judge without truly knowing what you are talking about.

Sandy Figueroa, Spring Hill

Spoils project will mean a new road

The residents on Eagle Nest should realize that there will be one benefit for them due to the spoil being transferred to the Manuel LLC properties. The 2000 truckloads of sand that will be hauled in will more than likely destroy the existing road and it will have to be rebuilt. They'll have a brand new entrance road to their properties, too. And hopefully the existing drainage problems in that area will be taken care of at that time.

I do hope Hernando County has considered this potential repair in their scope of work.

J. Daniel, Spring Hill

Writer all wrong about Ingoglia

I could not help being agitated after reading the letters to the editor in your paper attacking the new GOP Chairman Blaise Ingoglia.

With all due respect, I became irritated at their ignorance. One stated that Mr. Ingoglia has a "fatal misunderstanding of our local economy" because "we are too reliant on home construction, and without commercial and industrial growth we will be plagued by high unemployment".

Oops, caught in liberal lies again! Have you read the actual CPR plan? If not, go to and click on the agenda packet for the Land Use meeting on Feb. 11, 2009, scroll down to page 163 and read the summary for the CPR plan. You will find that the author, Blaise Ingoglia states that Hernando County is too reliant on the construction industry and the most important thing we need to do is diversify the tax base by attracting manufacturing jobs.

It seems to me that this builder has it right and the writer is dead wrong. It is right there in black and white, on the record. Do not judge without first doing your homework.

He also stated he may be a racist because he said Obama's face would be on food stamps. Wrong again. Statistics show that there are more white people on food stamps. If you sir, think he was talking about color then you are prejudging and therefore you just may be a racist. Mr. Ingoglia was talking about Obama's expansion of the welfare state and rising taxes. I have three words for you — "cap and trade." Seems to me that our GOP leader was ahead of the curve, again.

Maybe another writer conveniently forgot Blaise has started affordable housing programs to help teachers and, oh yes, let a down-and-out family live in one of his homes rent free for one year. Please let us not forget all the money he gives to charity without fanfare.

It is amazing what the truth can do. It appears that Blaise is a liberal's worst nightmare — a capitalist who actually gives back to the community.

Lena M. Castel, Brooksville

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