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Hernando superintendent Wayne Alexander shows he is too full of himself

Superintendent is too full of himself

A school is more than an administrator, though in the best of cases, administration is its heart. A school's mission goes on as administrators get moved about like game tokens on a game board. A school is its faculty, its staff, its students, its parents, its alumni, its supporters, and its spirit, which Superintendent Dr. Wayne Alexander will never be able to move around, nor budge, despite his most outrageous and contemptible efforts.

The spirit of a school is indomitable, it lives on despite your ruthless politics and need to demonstrate to the community that you can dismantle that which is larger than life, merely because it is larger than you. Dr. Alexander wants to impress upon all his supposed omnipotence.

Sir, omnipotence is earned only with respect and love, not extracted through fear and trepidation. Sadly, Dr. Alexander will never fathom this concept. May you some day transcend your petty nature and approach to leadership, or lack thereof.

I believe our community was indeed searching for an individual who could make difficult decisions regarding Hernando County School staff. You are a "shaker and a mover." We were looking for someone who would make the hard decisions, sir, yes - but the right ones. Starting from the top.

So, Dr. Alexander, please do not consider yourself as successful, for few of your employees do.

You have moved people around this county like furniture, sir, citing no rhyme or reason for the majority of these changes.

Most recently, for example, moving Nature Coast's principal when she has developed a highly successful program on many levels that for several years has been academically above average to not only the other schools in Hernando County but above average to the entire state of Florida. Its band and drama and other programs are also above average to the county and the state. It seems an example of blatant favoritism at its finest when you replace this principal with one of your own chosen hand-picked district personnel.

People — administrators — are not furniture. When you feel the need for a refreshing change of pace, restructure your Web site, buy a new car, change the color scheme in your home, change your furniture around, buy a new home.

Better yet, move elsewhere altogether. Administrators might occasionally need to be moved from their schools, but not all throughout an entire county's schools.

Were I to hire a superintendent, I would first look for heart. Character. Integrity. Pride. Committed and devoted to the job. Many of these describe our principals and administrators across the county.

Clarity Bates, Spring Hill

My cat was shot while wandering

Did you know if your dog or cat or other pet wanders into someone's yard they can shoot it?

Someone shot my cat in the back with a pellet gun. She dragged herself home with paralyzed back legs and no use of her bladder. With no hope of recovery from the vet, she had to be euthanized.

Upon reporting this to the Sheriff's Office, the officer who came to my home informed me of the rabies outbreak in Pasco and Hernando counties. The officer said you are allowed to shoot animals in a residential area if threatened or just a nuisance. He left. I called in and I asked which law or statute? They said to call Animal Services.

Florida Statute 828.01.30 says its a crime for a person who intentionally commits an act to any animal that results in cruel death or unnecessary pain and suffering.

Yes, animals get away from us, but shooting them is wrong. It is inhumane, cruel and a senseless act of violence unless the animal threatened you or your livestock.

The laws need to be changed. We also need a law for a trap, neuter and release program. We pay taxes for Animal Services and receive no service. We could save us lots of budget dollars by cutting Animal Services. They make us and our pets out to be the criminals, not the victims when we call.

Deborah Wells, Spring Hill

Brown-Waite's office accessible

I had the pleasure of visiting U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's new office located on the eastern end of Spring Hill Drive. I found that the new location was very easy to find and access, with adequate parking just outside the door, no longer do we have to struggle with finding parking on the street or park in the rear of the courthouse and take the long hike up the hill.

What a difference this access will make for the elderly and disabled constituents. I would like to thank the congresswoman for the new office, which makes accessibility so much easier for those who have struggles with that grand hill in Brooksville.

Stacy Johnston, Spring Hill

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Hernando superintendent Wayne Alexander shows he is too full of himself 05/06/09 [Last modified: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 6:27pm]
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