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Hernando's business development chief has failed to protect and create jobs

Job growth? No success there

More than 9,300 are unemployed in Hernando County, and business development director Mike McHugh has the audacity to brag about a few hundred jobs created and retained. It's a good thing he isn't paid on job creation percentages.

Although McHugh has made the papers quite a bit in the last year, he has worked as the county director of business development for more than eight years. Who does his performance reviews?

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Lawmaker woos traffic offenders

Rep. Robert Schenck's position on stoplight cameras separates all of us into two camps: Those who run red lights should vote for him. The rest of us should find someone else to vote for.

Statistics clearly show that the intersections that have cameras are safer.

Ralph Bauer, Spring Hill

Intolerance at church stung | Feb. 24 letter

Disabled are also God's children

As a member of St. Francis Cabrini Church in Spring Hill, I'd like to offer my apologies to the family made to feel uncomfortable on Ash Wednesday.

Having a special-needs child, I'm sure, has caused the letter writer to be tolerant of people around her who may not know or understand her circumstance. We, the public, need to understand and be tolerant of God's special people.

I have a very good friend who provided foster care for special needs children. We'd go shopping together, taking along the nonverbal, special-needs children. One day, as we shopped, one boy was pushing a shopping cart and hit the corner of an end display and the whole thing came crashing down around us. I got dirty looks and comments, but no help in picking up the plastic bottles of mustard as my girlfriend stood there laughing.

You need to smile at the people who don't understand because it is their problem, not yours.

I was at St. Francis on Ash Wednesday. I didn't see the letter writer, but if I had I would have smiled at her happy son.

Yes, it's a distraction and perhaps it's meant to be a distraction to remind us that we're all God's children.

A. Rancicot, Spring Hill

Whale show | Feb. 28 Dan DeWitt column

We should view orcas only in wild

Dan DeWitt's column should be sent all over our country. The recent death of a young woman at SeaWorld is horrifying.

Why do we think that wild animals should perform for our pleasure? Do we still live in the times of the dancing bear? To attempt to domesticate wild animals, giving them cutesy names while they perform even cuter tricks, is not a kindness to them. Perhaps it is time to rethink how we treat these creatures.

We can see the beautiful orca whales in their natural habitat, swimming free, glorious to behold. A trip to the San Juan islands in Puget Sound will satisfy anyone's desire to see these creatures. How much better for them and for us?

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

So little oil, so great the risks

Our state lawmakers are back in Tallahassee to address the problems our state faces, especially dwindling revenue.

I met with my representative Feb. 24 to voice my objection to the oil drilling bill that will be introduced. She stated that finding operating revenue was a priority and that she would inform herself to the facts about proposed offshore drilling in the gulf.

Proponents are emboldened by patriotic slogans such as "drill baby drill,'' and "domestic oil production will save us from being held hostage to foreign oil,'' ''revenues will save the state'' and "spills can't happen here because of different technology''.

They are backed by a secretive group known as Florida Energy Associates. The misinformed and uninformed can gather facts from

State revenue from two areas in the Panhandle for four decades comes to only $7.4 million annually. Estimated yield of 4 billion to 6 billion barrels of crude would only sustain the United States for one year.

The price of gasoline will not drop. Oil is a global commodity, and any oil from Florida's water would amount to only one-thousandth of the world market.

The new technology is the same being used in western Australia. A massive blowout there created an oil sheen over 1,800 square miles.

The promise of cold hard cash during a recession is not worth the risk to our shores.

Bill Pownall, Bushnell

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