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Hey, is that Sheriff's Office job open?

Rogue cop's exit leaves questions over service Oct. 8 editorial

Is that Sheriff's Office job open?

Let me understand: the sheriff kept a deputy on payroll despite 30 complaints of wrongdoing and then put him on paid leave for a year to the tune of $48,000 of my tax dollars before allowing him to retire and collect full pension benefits?

I want to apply for this position. I am not a detective, but it kind of makes one wonder if he knows where all the bodies are buried in the Sheriff's Office.

This guy should have been history years earlier.

Charles A. Poppelreiter, Hudson

Attacked at home, ignored by police? | Bill Stevens column, Oct. 5

Police did not do their job in attack

I am outraged! Not only due to being a gay man living in New Port Richey but also as someone who knows and respects Joe Catania.

I am outraged that the New Port Richey Police have not actively pursued any of the obvious clues that Joe reported to them. I know through my own personal experience that the police routinely dust for fingerprints as soon as possible after most crimes are committed in New Port Richey. Why in this case did they wait four days? Why was the iPhone clue overlooked?

Why is the Police Department not searching for the perpetrators of this crime? Who and where is Chad? Why have they dropped the ball?

Why aren't more people who live in this city outraged over this? This crime could have easily been perpetrated on any of us! Joe has been bashed once by dangerous men. Will we allow our police to do it again?

Phil Meinzinger, New Port Richey

Domestic violence cannot be ignored | Oct. 1 guest column

Domestic abuse also affects men

JoAnne Clay's article on domestic violence ignored the fact that domestic violence is not a gender issue. If we, as a society, are going to advance and see both sexes as equal, then Ms. Clay's way of thinking has to be changed.

As a man who suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse at the hands of a woman, I know firsthand that there are women who are violent and abusive.

Unfortunately, these women hope for judges who think like Ms. Clay. These women not only try to ruin their spouses' lives, but many seek custody of their children solely for the tax-free, unaccountable monthly check, and when they are granted custody they continue their cycle of violence toward their children.

Bad parents and bad people come in both sexes.

Joe W. Morrison Jr., Orlando

Women bear brunt of abuse

I am sure you have been contacted by many men who claim to be victims of domestic violence. While I cannot discount their experience because I do not know them, I can say it is inherently more difficult for a woman attempting to leave an abusive situation than it is for a man. I know it was for me.

I have had to listen to the borderline chauvinistic responses from law enforcement and the legal system players. I had to listen to the judge on my case tell me that since I knew my ex was abusive before I conceived our child, that I am the one to blame and therefore I just need to deal with it.

We are a long way from equality for the sexes, and domestic violence is something that primarily affects women. And the legal system is a long way from dealing with this effectively.

Jennifer Dotson, Orange City

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