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Hudson High pranksters' principal made the right call

Pranksters' principal is right

While it is probably required to maintain some level of privacy for the Hudson High School pranksters, it is not too hard to imagine that their punishment might be severe due to what could happen if students are ever allowed to commandeer a public address system.

There would be an uproar in the opposite direction had the students been under duress from a shooter who wanted to make a statement and take out a few seniors on their last day of school. Then the administration would be under investigation for being too lax in their enforcement of rules. You can't have it both ways.

Schools practice emergency "lock downs" with regular drills and one of the main teachings is that students never leave their locked room until it is unlocked by an administrator or law enforcement. They even try to trick the students and teachers into leaving their rooms by announcing an "all clear" over the PA system, because that is probably what a shooter would do to increase his number of targets. So, hopefully there is some good that will come out these students being made an example of if the worst possible situation ever occurs. I'll bet that this is not repeated at the school.

This type of prank can not honestly be compared to some of the vandalism at other schools. You can always clean off paint, but you can't undo the unthinkable. The principal made a good call.

Grant Young, San Antonio

Status limits scholarships May 25 article

Status should limit scholarships

Just when we can't possibly become more oblivious or naive, up pops an article like this one sympathizing with an illegal immigrant who, horrors, has to pay for his own college education in the U.S. because, well, he is here illegally. And after, of course, the Florida taxpayer has already footed the cost of his high school education.

Against this latest bit of insanity, comes the reality of our situation:

• A recent newspaper article indicated that the University of South Florida has accepted less than 50 percent of this years applicants because of capacity concerns.

• A Zogby International poll of Floridians taken at the end of March indicated that more than 71 percent believe that illegal immigration has a negative impact on the state and more than 83 percent felt that the illegal population has a negative economic impact on Florida.

• A recent study by the Federation of American Immigration Reform, on the partial cost of illegal immigration to Florida, ( just the costs to education, health and law enforcement) indicates that we spend $3.4 billion annually to educate the children of the illegal population, while the total costs are much higher.

This is not a matter of one young man or sharing extra dollars and college slots that we have floating around unused in the U.S. The fact is that if schools, like USF, are truly operating at capacity ( economic or space), and thousands of illegals are accepted to American schools, those are thousands of slots that are being taken from American students and that is a shame.

And for those who voted for smaller Florida class sizes to improve the education experience for your children and grandchildren and now wonder why that dream is not going to happen, look at the number again: $3.4 billion to educate the children of the illegal population.

Tom Waldbart, Wesley Chapel

Inmate: Let me die at home May 24 article

No sympathy for dying inmate

This article disgusted me and is exactly the reason why left-wing, liberal leaning newspapers are going bankrupt. The first syllable in newspaper is news, not opinion. This slanted story was supposed to make me feel sorry for a 52-year-old career criminal with 14 unsupported children. My mistake — my taxes support his children. When will you wake up? We pay our taxes to keep this guy out of our society, yet you want me to feel guilty about keeping him in prison.

Why not write an article about his victims and lack of parental responsibilities? The article quotes allowing him to "die with dignity." Exactly what dignity is displayed by having 14 children by eight mothers, beginning at the age of 15? He has, by his own admission, served six sentences in jail. These are just the ones in which he got caught. How many did he get away with?

David L. Flowers, New Port Richey

If it looks like a tax increase, it is

As a older person on Social Security, I am very concerned about this bullying by the county commissioners.

This proposed 24 percent increase rise in property taxes is just too much. I am very concerned about this and I want commissioners to not raise property taxes as I am on Social Security and cannot afford any more taxes.

I realize some have found a loophole to not call it a tax increase. It raises taxes any way we look at it.

Ron Woodring, Zephyrhills

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Hudson High pranksters' principal made the right call 05/30/09 [Last modified: Saturday, May 30, 2009 11:00am]
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