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Humane slaughterhouses just seek to mollify the meat eaters

Killing with kindness | April 12, Perspective story

Mollifying the meat eaters

Thank you for your thoughtful article on Temple Grandin and her outlook on animal welfare. After all I have learned about how we raise and slaughter animals, I choose to leave animal products off of my plate altogether. There are so many amazing alternatives to eating animals. People in the Tampa Bay area can find information on and www.

While I respect Grandin's way of helping animals, I think that making slaughterhouses more "humane" is ultimately just making us feel better about killing innocent animals who we don't need to eat in order to live. In fact, eating a plant-based diet is much healthier for us and better for the environment, in addition to being the most compassionate and humane choice when it comes to ending animal suffering.

Thanks again for covering this important issue.

Jodi Chemes, New Port Richey

It's just cruelty

I read with extreme sadness the article regarding Temple Grandin. She cannot state that she loves animals and then design inhumane slaughterhouses. She is allowing the murder of innocent of animals. There is no humane slaughterhouse, except one that is closed, where no animal is killed.

She is just trying to get press so that someone will buy her book. I would never buy her book. I would not want this woman to make even more money off of the terrible plight of animals that are raised and killed inhumanely for food.

The public should do their homework and realize that the human body is not designed to digest rotting flesh. That is why Americans have so many health issues: heart disease and cancer, to name a few.

Kathy L. Hilt, Pinellas Park

Bid to end double dipping fades | April 27, story

Politicians again are serving themselves

I believe that Florida is making a huge mistake in allowing this double dipping and refusing to pass legislation to get rid of it. Sen. Mike Fasano is absolutely right in seeking to make this act illegal.

This is just another example of Florida politicians (the list is endless) who do nothing but take care of themselves and do not care about the citizens.

Ken Rock, New Port Richey

Unreliable guardians

The Senate Government Oversight and Accountability Committee, on which you have several double dippers, just decided not to end double dipping.

This reminds me of a saying: "Do not let the fox guard the geese."

So much greed in tough times. Shame on you!

Soren Kragh, Dunnellon

They earned it

Your treatment of people taking retirement benefits they have earned, then going back to work is just plain unfair. I can remember for years thinking how lucky military "lifers" were when they could retire after 20 years, collect their retirement pay, then go to work for the post office, or whoever, and collect a salary on top of a great pension and benefits from the service.

But there was nothing wrong with it. Indeed, they earned it! Likewise with the government employees who take their retirement then go back to work.

Saying these people should be limited to a starting-level salary when returning, or should be prohibited from working for their original agency is clearly unconstitutional, besides being ridiculously stupid. Why on earth would we want to discourage people with proven talents and skills from using them for our benefit?

Rob Hoskins, Safety Harbor

We need to clean up our own dirty work April 12, Robyn Blumner column

A most deadly enemy

I can understand the American need to criticize the harsh interrogation methods used against suspected terrorists by the Bush administration, as noted by Robyn Blumner. But as we have never been seriously attacked again since 9/11, I wonder if they have not been effective.

Part of the problem is that we have never before fought such a deadly enemy as fanatical, religious terrorists. The Japanese, as a strange Asian culture (as well as the Vietnamese), had certain fanatical aspects but even they were not always suicidal, as Islamic extremists seem to be.

Obviously in the initial reaction to the terrible 9/11 attack, some innocent or quasi-innocent people were arrested and interrogated. But apparently, enough real terrorists were caught to prevent another attack. Perhaps we should turn all future suspects over to the New York police for interrogation.

W.H. Riddell, Tampa

The blue scourge | April 16, George Will column

Not a leg to stand on

George Will's rant against blue jeans pretty much junks the idea that he's simply an erudite traditionalist and not a supercilious, hidebound reactionary. We've known for years Will's politics are out of touch with reality, but to insist we need to dress like Fred Astaire or Grace Kelly to be sartorially correct kind of punctuates it.

Will's claim that adults wear jeans as acts of rebelliousness, antielitism or trendiness is just plain silly. He might be right if jeans were uncomfortable, hard to care for, relatively expensive and went out of style every season.

He accuses denim wearers of the same infantilism that infects adult video gamers, fantasy film fans and Seinfeld buffs. It's called fun, George. Just because something didn't become fashionable in 1845 like the baseball stuff you worship doesn't mean people shouldn't enjoy themselves.

H. Martin Moore, Largo

The blue scourge | April 16, George Will column

Like old friends

I feel sad for George Will's never having known the pleasures of his own perdurable and properly seasoned pair of denim jeans — the softness, the personal fit, the comfort. The one pair he acknowledges wearing must have been pulled on without benefit of first washing them 20 or 30 times. An old pair of jeans is like an old friend.

Now residing in Florida, I live in shorts, but there is a pile of my old jeans on the top shelf of my closet, some dating back almost 30 years. Some await colder weather and some pray for me to lose a few pounds.

Gerard Meyn, Dunnellon

Rays fans are the best

After watching an exciting Rays game Monday night, we returned to our car to find we had a dead battery. It was a pleasant surprise to have two gentlemen approach us and offer to jump-start our car. What a wonderful neighborly thing to do! After all the bad headlines we have read about things happening in St. Petersburg lately it is nice to be reminded about all the good things people do that never make the front page.

Thank you to our two knights in shining armor who just happen to be Rays fans.

Laura Bentz, Clearwater

Humane slaughterhouses just seek to mollify the meat eaters

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