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Hunger for power misleads Sheriff White

Hunger for power misleads sheriff

When Sheriff Bob White first took office 10 years ago, I held great respect and admiration for him. Bob streamlined the higher echelon by giving them more responsibilities with less personnel. Bob had his top staff drive used, marked patrol cars and eliminated expensive vehicles saving the citizens of Pasco County a lot of tax dollars. Ten years later, Bob is crying and whining to the county commissioners that he has no more money to add to the patrol staff. However, all his top staff drives very expensive vehicles, and he is very top heavy with his overpaid secretaries and personal aides.

If Bob wanted to help the Pasco citizens he should return to his basic beliefs. I guess the overwhelming power of being sheriff makes you want more and more power over people. This extreme power has truly changed Bob, and now there is no longer respect for him. Bob has had a history of punishing members of the Fraternal Order of Police for wanting to start a union. He does not want to give up any of his dictatorship power to anyone. Bob has fired a lot of dedicated employees so he could hire the political cronies of his pals, Marco Rubio and Richard Corcoran. Bob spent weeks in Tallahassee holding hands with Gov. Rick Scott to gain more power paid for by the citizens of Pasco County. Bob now has a lot of political friends and the citizens of Pasco will pay dearly for his power.

Bob plans to retire in April to take care of a grandchild and will be eligible to return to the retirement system later this year. Bob, what will you tell the Pasco citizens when Gov. Scott makes you a new position of Florida director of public safety?

Why not retire now like you forced so many other seasoned deputies to do because they could no longer work for you? I would have thought with all the deceiving and conniving going on in the rank and file of your staff that you would be investigated by the professional standard unit. Oh, I forgot, you promoted your crony, the internal affairs sergeant, to captain.

The Pasco citizens are not as illiterate as Sheriff White always believed. Come election time, all of Bob's cronies will be fired and the Sheriff's Office would be a great place to work again and the Pasco citizens will be the No. 1 concern.

Thomas Hendricksen, Spring Hill

Deputy refused to enforce the law

At 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, I took my dog out for a walk. My neighbor's car was blocking the sidewalk and I had to go out in the street to get by. To accomplish this, I had to step off the sidewalk, down an incline, over the gutter into the street, back over the gutter and across their lawn to get back on the sidewalk. To get home I repeated this process. I am totally and permanently handicapped due to severe joint degeneration disease of both knees. Walking on uneven surfaces is tricky and painful.

I called the Sheriff's Office and a very understanding dispatcher assured me that parking on the sidewalk was illegal and said she would send someone out to ticket them or have the car moved. She asked if I wanted to be contacted by the deputy. I said no. Twenty minutes later my doorbell rang, and it was a deputy. He asked me if someone from this house had called. I, of course, replied yes.'

I had recently endured extensive oral surgery and my mouth was bleeding. I expectorated twice into the mulch next to my house. He was standing on the concrete walkway. He asked if I was going to keep spitting at him. I didn't understand what he was talking about. He told me several of my neighbors park on the sidewalk. Did I want him to ticket them all? Then he proceeded to tell me the difference in what's allowed and what's right. He was mad at me and was giving me a lecture about spitting.

He told me to have a good day and was leaving. My wife caught him before he left. She told him we only care about the car that impedes our movement. Then he told her he's 40 and has a child that he's always trying to teach what's the acceptable way to behave. He said I spit at his boot. He got in his cruiser and left.

If it's against the law to block the public sidewalk and someone has a legitimate complaint, something should be done. My 91-year-old neighbor who uses a walker doesn't come out anymore.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Organizers' pride imperils Chasco

The Chasco Fiesta has long been the major fundraiser for charities in west Pasco. Written in the 1920s by the local postmaster, the legend of Chasco depicts the indigenous inhabitants of this area as heathen and savage.

For decades area children participated in a play. They giggled their way through a children's village and were introduced to Native Americans in the powwow. All were lies.

Members of the American Indian Movement began an educational program with the officials and as a result the play was discontinued. There was no more pinning tails on Indians and the powwow is now an authentic American Indian event.

A chamber of commerce member in 2003 was so angry at being corrected by AIM that he suggested that chamber members shoot AIM.

A very needed and much appreciated fundraiser is marred because organizers are too proud to say they were wrong.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Hunger for power misleads Sheriff White 03/23/11 [Last modified: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 8:24pm]
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