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If one motorist is saved, red light cameras are worth it

Red light cameras are extortion | Dec. 30 letter

If one motorist is saved it's worth it

I live in New Port Richey and in my time on the roads, I see people go through a red light like it's nothing at all. I don't know all the specifics, but there was a terrible accident at State Road 54 and Rowan Road because one person ran the light.

I know that sometimes it is not avoidable because I've run a few during my 40 years of driving, but I think these cameras are a good thing. Maybe the writer hasn't lost a friend or loved one on the highway or worse yet, seen people who are still living, but in limited ways.

If you're a responsible driver, this shouldn't bother you.

Michael Embler, New Port Richey

It's simple: Don't run red lights

I don't get all the letters regarding the traffic cameras. If you obey the rules and don't run the red lights, no tickets are given. It's a pretty simple solution to the issue of them.

Greed? How does that play a role? Again, if you don't run the red light you don't pay for the ticket. Get smart, folks. Obey the traffic laws and the money stays in your pocket.

Joanne Shaw, New Port Richey

Don't do the crime, won't pay the dime

As a full-time Florida resident for the past six years, and one who travels extensively for business I applaud the use of red light cameras.

First of all, I don't believe there is such a thing as a short yellow light. What really exists in this state is a follow-the-herd mentality. At most busy intersections you can usually count at least five to six cars that will turn on the red signal. And that's not counting the rolling turns to the right at red lights.

When we moved here, I was warned to drive more defensively than ever and now I know why. In the past six years I have witnessed more speeding, lane jumping, non-use of directional signals, and red light running than in my prior 40 years of driving combined.

For anyone who has a problem with red light cameras my response is: If you don't want to pay the dime, then don't do the crime.

Gary McNeil, San Antonio

And also use your signals for turns

Every day, while driving on U.S. 19, and most other roads, I see more and more car accidents caused by people who do not use their signals when changing lanes. Just think for a moment, most drivers are not mind readers. When you use your signal, we all know.

In Florida, the law states that you must signal when changing lanes, or use flashers in an emergency situation. A great New Year's resolution for everyone, would be to use vehicle signals and live longer.

Courtesy on the road, and to your fellow motorists, is contagious.

Joseph P. Galea, Holiday

Sportsplex USA are prima donnas

Sportsplex USA got mad, picked up its marbles and went home. I guess that we insulted them asking the tough questions that anyone in that business, who would like $270,000 and a partnership in the future, would have to answer. My, oh my, aren't we touchy and aren't we so unbelievable?

If Sportsplex USA had the answers and could stand up to scrutiny, they would not have walked away from the additional $210,000. That's not exactly chump change from where I am sitting.

So, Sportsplex USA bashes Jack Mariano who had the courage to ask the tough questions so that we would not have recriminations later. Now, it seems, that some of his fellow commissioners are blaming him for knocking over the wedding cake. Seems that all other four commissioners were ready to say yes and, golly, Jack upset them. Good for you, Jack. The whole thing is stinking worse by the minute.

Sportsplex USA prima donnas are offended by questions? You can't ask a consultant questions? I am sure that another firm will be happy to step in and take up the project. In these hard economic times, particularly, this looks like manna from heaven. Let's do this thing and let's do it right. Let's not rush into it half-cocked. Thanks, Jack. Keep up the good work.

Lewis Corvene, Hudson

Callers offer man millions | Dec. 26 article

Younger mind not always sharper

Sadly, the abuse seniors go through by people who think they are smarter than a fifth-grader. Well, I have reached the big 80 and am proud of it.

I have had problems with medical billing clerks, but must admit the one time that really got my goat was when I was hospitalized in 2003.

In 2004, I received a bill from the doctor's office demanding I pay the balance due of $2,004. I never received an explanation of benefits so I called Medicare plus my supplemental insurance. Guess what? Nothing was ever submitted to my insurance by the doctor's office. So, I called billing and just asked, "Do you think you are a bit confused? The year of service was 2003 and do you realize this is 2004?" She was a bit nasty and kind of cooled down when I advised her she better file before the year is over or else. Needless to say, the amount paid was next to nothing.

Estelle Rodman, Bayonet Point

County better for having pair here

I've long admired and appreciated Bill Stevens and his columns and his most recent was one of the finest.

The story about Misters Mitchell and Crumbly is yet another illustration of how you weave both insight and humor within the fabric of meaningful content. I've know Dewey and Alan for over 25 years and agree both men carry the 'Bama tradition and Coach Bryant life's lessons into both their personal lives and their fine real estate business.

Pasco County is much better with Dewey and Allen in it. In terms of getting the last word in, I've traveled to a national championship game with Dewey when the U (Miami) beat his Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. After the defeat, Dewey was both a gentlemen and totally fair in his assessment of both the game and the weekend. My guess is — win or lose, with or without the Times, — Dewey Mitchell, the consummate gentlemen, would always allow you the courtesy of having the last word.

Van Mayros, New Port Richey

Thanks to all who helped after fire

Dec. 14, 2009, forever changed our lives. On this date our home burned and was a total loss. The citizens of Pasco County have rallied together and made this Christmas a true season of giving and thanks.

This is just a few of the people we would like to thank for their generous donations of clothes, and household goods to help us try and rebuild our lives from the ashes. The current and past clerk of the circuit court and their staff, our numerous relatives, and our numerous friends. Without their help and support, we would be homeless.

We would also like to thank the compassionate Pasco County Fire Rescue unit and deputy sheriff's units that were on scene that day. Stations 20, 21 and 10 and all other responding units conducted their business professionally and compassionately. As they brought out our charred and ruined possessions, you could see the sorrow on all their faces. They went above the call of duty in our opinions and they are forever in our hearts and prayers.

Special thanks to the chief and his outstanding firefighters. Officer in charge, James Maynard, and fire investigator, Abbie M. Bennewitz, are a few of the names that we can remember from that awful life-changing day. If we have missed thanking anyone we truly apologize, we just want to thank everyone in Pasco County for their support during this period of adjustment.

Ron and Kathy Mattix, Spring Hill

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