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Insurance zaps Florida's appeal

Insurance zaps Florida's appeal

Well, can things get worse for Florida? It seems so. I just received a letter from Liberty Mutual Home Insurance and it seems that after the past two hurricane seasons they deem it necessary to abandon its home policies and will not renew any more at the end of the year.

It seems they don't want to expose their company to any big losses. We have had insurance with them for 15 years with two small claims from a broken pipe and a television blown out by lightning. So, it seems they are about $14,000 ahead with me.

As more and more companies leave, we as homeowners are being forced into paying the high rates for the insurance of last resort. This state used to be a diamond; now it is just a lump of coal. If insurance companies drop home coverage (the risk) then they should be forced by our elected officials not to be able to sell car insurance (the gravy). Floridians must stand up and make our elected officials work for us and not the companies who can offer the most to get something passed.

Joseph Kuhn, New Port Richey

Man gets 12 years for sex crimes | May 19, article

Help needed in western Pasco

I am the victim of Richard Marano, who pleaded guilty to sexual battery and false imprisonment May 18. I'm the girl who was walking home on U.S. 19 when I was dragged by Marano down Colfax Drive and assaulted.

After he hurt me, he attempted to hurt another girl. I'm writing to warn other girls not to walk after dark and not to take rides with strangers.

I am trying to move on but it's hard. I have nightmares, flashbacks and some days cannot get out of bed. It's almost impossible to hold down a job, but I am looking. Can someone start a support group for the west side of Pasco? Dade City has one, but I have no transportation.

I pray every day to forgive him for what he did. I hope he gets help. If you are a victim of this crime it is not your fault.

To the Pasco Sheriff's Office and to Assistant State Attorney James Goodnow, thanks for a job well done.

Ellen Narvaez, Port Richey

Dog's owners were not to blame

It broke my heart to read the story of the Shih Tzu euthanized at the SPCA Suncoast shelter in Pasco County. Isn't it a law that stray animals must be held five days unless deemed by a veterinarian that they are suffering too much? Was the dog even seen by a veterinarian? Was a report even taken by the staff from the owners about the missing dog? Does that mean that every stray animal that enters that shelter has no chance if they do not have a collar or a microchip?

Putting blame on the owners for not having the dog microchipped or wearing a collar was very unfair. They were made to feel guilty for the wrongdoing of the shelter staff. To my understanding, the dog had only recently been to the vet. If the owners' vet felt the dog was in such bad shape why didn't he tell them it needed to be euthanized? Clearly he felt the dog was not suffering.

It is very sad that people are now going to question taking a stray to a shelter for fear it will be put to sleep. I hope the owners realize that not all shelters are like the one in Pasco County. There are shelters that care and would have gotten that dog veterinary care and done the best for the dog until an owner could be found. My heart goes out to any animal taken to the Suncoast SPCA shelter in Pasco County.

Jane Blair, Dallas

SPCA shelter has lost its heart

I am writing to Ricky and Susan Ouellette to give them my deepest sympathy in the death of Suzy, their dog.

It is a shame that so many animal organizations have no heart anymore. I feel that when an organization does not do its utmost to find the owner of an animal, it should be closed down or put under new management. It is difficult to believe they would not let the couple check to see if Suzy was there. That woman has no love for animals or else they would have been welcomed to check.

I volunteered at the SPCA for some time walking dogs and getting them familiar with someone who cared about them. I know how easy it would have been for the Ouelletes to walk past all the cages and make sure their Suzy wasn't there.

When we become as heartless as these organizations seem to be, that is when our country becomes a society uncaring about anything or anyone.

Joanne McWethy, New Port Richey

Angioplasty story was unnecessary

I am very disappointed your newspaper took the time to bring up an old issue regarding physicians doing angioplasty. You do mention the fact the doctors' privileges were restored and they perform procedures at Bayonet Point Hospital as well as at Community. So what is the purpose of this article? Sensationalism?

Dr. Chalavarya does not deserve this publicity. He is one of the most caring, devoted physicians I know and I know quite a few in this area. Any of his patients who I have met have been extremely happy with his service.

Priscilla Brown, Hudson

Cover real news, not old news

Bin Laden threatens Americans in a new audio recording. Worse than expected economic data hurts stock. Global warming threatens the very existence of every man, woman, and child on this planet, and two suspended doctors in Hudson are still performing angioplasties five years after the suspensions.

I think staff writer Lisa Buie needs to focus and report on the real problems at hand instead of going on a witch hunt, grabbing at straws and writing about old news that is riddled with untrue accusations and is still in litigation.

I happen to know both of these extremely skilled, intelligent doctors, and I find them both to be two of the best compassionate and caring cardiologists in Pasco and Hernando counties. My 74-year-old mother has had an angioplasty and received several stents. I would not send her to any other doctor.

I am a Florida native with 20 years experience and a degree in cardiology. If Lisa Buie needs a story, call me. I can tell you who the real quacks are. I know which doctors do not dictate their reports in a timely manner. I know the God-complex doctors who are real trash, cheat on their wives and are guilty of needless death to a patient.

Bayonet Point Regional Medical Center was wrong in suspending these cardiologists. Lisa Buie is wrong writing about it five years after the fact, and the Times is wrong in printing it.

David Rey, Hudson

Time to replace Cathi Martin

I feel that School Board member Cathi Martin should be gone from her job. We the taxpayers are paying her to stay home sick when she does not want to attend a function.

This is sending the wrong message to the youth that she is in charge of. We try to instill the importance of good attendance to all the students, but a leader has very poor attendance. If I was in charge of a business and she was one of my employees, she would be off the payroll .

I think that this is the last straw and if she doesn't step aside, then Gov. Crist should act on the paperwork that is on his desk. Let's get someone in there who really wants this job.

Richard Hewitt, Dade City

Status limits scholarships May 25, article

'Dream Act' is an expensive insult

Undocumented workers — that really means illegal aliens with no visa and no green card. Why should we be searching for money to help an undocumented student?

I'm sure there are many citizens and their children who could use help with funding. Why should undocumented people be allowed to apply for in-state tuition discounts, government student loans or public scholarships? The proposed Dream Act is an insult and a costly burden to American citizens

Pat Gorecki, New Port Richey

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