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Is politics a factor in big salary hike at Pasco Sheriff's Office?

Politics a factor in big salary hike?

I can only marvel at such a huge pay increase for additional duties allegedly being taken on by the sheriff's executive assistant. Such duties go along with any job.

As division secretary for the Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff's Office for over 20 years, I worked for a captain, two lieutenants, eight sergeants and numerous detectives, not to mention keeping records and maintaining the bank account for Safety Town, taking and transcribing minutes for weekly meetings and yes, filling in for the sheriff's secretary when she went on vacation or attended a seminar. Year after year additional duties were piled on, too numerous to list, but I never received anything like $10,000.

Ever since the election, long-time, loyal employees, both certified and civilian, are suddenly dropping like flies in the name of reorganization. Could it be they were on the wrong side of the political roster?

More than likely the raise is a reward for the correct political affiliation while other members of the agency who are now burdened with additional responsibilities and no additional pay are left wondering why.

Barb Capodanno, Odessa

Cold splash on romance, Feb. 5 article

School chief needs check of priorities

Titillating it was to read of the possibilities of teacher/school worker cavorting. Oh my.

Let me see, these teachers are given the responsibility of educating our children, but they must be reigned in to keep them from amorous attachments at their halls of learning.

Thanks, Superintendent Heather Fiorentino. Nipping the dating dilemma in the bud is what Pasco County needs in our schools. It's a top priority. Teacher/staff pay, supplies and safety for students, as well as financial problems will have to wait their turn.

I'm disappointed that our county deems this simply silly premise worth defining. Do we not all hope that our Pasco County superintendent and her staff will leave juicy gossip to the tabloids? Separate incidents, should they arise can be handled.

Our students' education is entrusted to our teachers. Because of a tiny handful of incidents, please don't panic and treat teachers as rogues. They are due their privacy. How sad.

Lilyan Dayton, New Port Richey

Conservationists must reprioritize, Feb. 5 letter to the editor

Environmental groups are right

In a recent letter to the editor the writer offers "some unbiased opinions" regarding the Gulf Coast Conservancy's opposition to the land swap between SunWest and the Southwest Florida Water Management District The writer says "most environmental groups become obsessed with issues that do not really stand up to the light of day."

I'm pausing here to look up "unbiased" in the dictionary.

The writer goes on deliver this message to the conservancy: "you do not speak for the majority who want progress unhampered by hidden, biased agendas of groups that are not voted into office."

"Hidden, unbiased agendas" sounds more related to certain elected officials than to any environmental group. And, disparaging "groups that are not voted into office" is embarking on the slipperiest of slopes. I believe our founding fathers encouraged citizens to check from time to time on their elected officials just in case there might be some shady actions going on.

(See Buddy Johnson, Ray Sansom, Dick Cheney).

Whenever I read such attacks on environmental groups I always consider what these groups have to gain (a few pieces of Old Florida preserved) vs. what those who oppose them have to gain (money and, well, more money).

I feel a sudden need to read a Jeff Klinkenberg article.

Richard Downing, PhD


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