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It's foolish to grow grass around here

Tug of war over fake turf story, June 23

It's foolish to grow grass around here

Many years ago, when I lived in Detroit, the first page of the Sunday comics section of the Detroit Times showed a gentleman dressed in a long-tailed tuxedo coat and leotards. He carried a banner that went across the top of the page. The banner said, "What fools we mortals be."

That aptly describes Clearwater's Code Enforcement Board. If a law is wrong, you change it. I have been living in Florida since September 2001. I am on my third lawn. You just cannot grow grass in sand and the Florida summer sun when watering is restricted to once or twice per week.

Carol Korotkow has a perfect solution. Check out the patch of grass across her driveway. You can see the patches of burned grass where it will not grow. The grass where she is sitting looks great and it is environmentally friendly. Nothing more needs to be said.

Donald J. Krako, Tarpon Springs

Tug of war over fake turf story, June 23

Just amazing that city resists efforts

Am I the only one who finds it amazing that when a person does something positive in Clearwater, the city finds a way to deter her efforts? With a drought continuing throughout the South, as well as severe wildfires, code enforcement is worried about synthetic grass that needs no water or fertilizer and resists bugs, which means less pesticide.

So, I assume that all the homeowners that use crushed shells or mulch will now face fines, as neither is "live ground cover."

If the city is worried about colorful lawns, simply pass a law requiring that synthetic grass must be green.

And, in closing, please don't call city officials clowns, as you're insulting talented clowns around the world!

David Feeney, Dunedin

Tug of war over fake turf story, June 23

Gravel and weeds not a better choice

Carol Korotkow's "synthetic waterless grass" is pleasing to the eye. The Code Enforcement Board should drive on Greenbriar (between Belcher and the north end of Hercules) and inspectors will see the eyesore alternative treatment. More than 50 percent of the houses have their yards covered in unsightly gravel with weeds and other unwanted vegetation growing through. Have they been cited or fined?

Marilyn Bartz, Palm Harbor

St. Petersburg chases off visitors | letter, June 26

Parking problem falls to the driver

I have been attending events in St. Petersburg since the 1990s when the Tampa Bay Lightning played at the old Thunder Dome. During this time, I have not received a single parking ticket.

The letter writer says he has received parking tickets at least half of the time he has attended events. It seems to me he needs to be more aware of where he is parking. Also, he seriously needs a good review of the driver's manual on the do's and don'ts of parking!

It sounds to me like he is a flagrant parking violator and needs to be discouraged from parking anywhere he pleases.

Michael Rogers, Palm Harbor

Bayside Bridge zone is no-win

Going over the Bayside Bridge northbound, I was pinched for speeding.

Yes, I was over the posted limit. But sour grapes aside, I find the placement of the notice (reduced speed ahead) and the new limit (45 mph) just over the final hump a tad suspicious.

The posted limit over the bridge is 55 mph, but try to travel that speed and you're most likely to get run up on by speeding drivers.

After several attempts to slow my vehicle from 55 to 45 in the area of those signs, without hitting the brakes, I found it impossible. You must hit the brakes to slow to this speed.

The police are sitting in wait at the bottom of the hill to nab you. Hit the brakes, and you may be hit by one of the oncoming vehicles going 60 to 70 mph. Fail to, and you've gotten pinched. I wonder which is better.

Clearly, the city of Clearwater feels it's better to have such a cash cow and throw safety and reasonable notice out the window. Hopefully their cash cow doesn't result in a fiery crash.

Thomas J. Cook, St. Petersburg

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