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It's time to wake up to this economic crisis

Time to wake up to economic crisis

Does everyone have their eyes shut while disaster happens right here in Clearwater and every other town across the country? I see so many businesses either closed or only open part time. They cut hours to save dollars.

I just heard that three post offices in our area may be closing and one office has already moved the bulk mail to the Tampa postal facility.

We have so many homes in foreclosure, leaving families to wonder what happens when they are required to move elsewhere. Where do they move, if they can't even afford to stay in the home they thought they owned?

Don't folks realize when anyone has their hours cut at work, that means fewer dollars to take care of daily needs? When the post office moves that section to another facility, that puts 10 to 20 people out of work, maybe more. Then they may close three other area post offices, and you have 50 to 100 people out of work. How do folks with no jobs pay their bills? When your income stops completely, what do you do?

I guess it won't really matter to anyone until they lose their job and the bank account is zero. Then maybe they will wake up and see the writing on the wall, and I pray it won't be too late by then.

I know four business owners who are taking on cleaning jobs, lawn care, window washing, care of the elderly, car washing or any other job just to feed the family and try to pay some bills.

However, in the meantime we can afford to feed, clothe and give free housing to illegal residents. What happens when we have more people out of work than we have working? Who will be paying taxes with no income? Then where will the U.S. government get the funds to give that free living to the immigrants who came here by disregarding the immigrations laws? We are feeding the people of other nations while we let our own beg for food and shelter.

Where is the common sense in all of this? We need to turn things around and do it very shortly. Will folks have to die in the streets and sleep under bridges like bums to wake up the leaders of this once free country? We are no longer free when we have no means of support.

Our troops are fighting for our freedom while our government is giving it all away. God help us all.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Re: Our food bank can't meet needs of hungry | editorial, Aug. 13

Food bank needs all help it can get

What a splendid editorial to remind all of us of the RCS Food Bank and other food bank needs. Here in Prosperous Pinellas, people do not realize that about 43 percent of our schoolchildren are on government free-lunch programs. That is a small part of the need for the families as a whole. The students also need clothes to be able to return to school with dignity. Clothes to Kids along with RCS and others strive to meet the needs.

Most of us do not relish, in effect, sitting at a sumptuous banquet while others are left outside starving. Our small chapel group, 50 of the older generation, give what we have to RCS and Clothes to Kids as our local mission. Christ told us (Matthew 25:40), "Whatever you did for one of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

Henry L. "Harry" King, Clearwater

'Adopt a Flag' to honor country

The recent buzz and national headlines about our Clearwater flag situation has prompted me to write this letter. You have heard from a lot of angry Americans, including myself, but I offer a solution.

Being a devoted wife to a retired master chief petty officer of the U.S. Navy and an active officer of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 119, there is nothing that runs through my heart more deeply and more profoundly than seeing an American flag flying high.

We have a lot of programs out there that involve the community to show and protect our heritage, our homes, our cities, our America. Now is our chance to add to our pride: Adopt a Flag! We have adopt a highway, adopt a street, a school, a class, a pet — need I continue?

So why not go through the process to adopt a city flag? There are countless possible benefits: For example, a Cub Scout troop getting another badge for knowing what the 13 stripes represent, a school receiving a huge donation for its efforts, or a veteran who stands proudly and cries silently one more time as he raises and lowers his flag each day?

Don't forget the numerous VFWs and American Legion posts that would participate and teach so we don't forget.

Tabetha Pietrkiewicz, Clearwater

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