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It's time Treasure Island officials stood up to Caddy's owner

Judge's order threatens Caddy's off-site parking | Aug. 22

It's time city stood up to bar owner

As a resident of Sunset Beach, I can attest to the mayhem that is allowed to happen on this strip of beach every day we have good weather. I have often wondered why it is has taken the Treasure Island City Commission so long to do anything to remedy it.

In my humble opinion, they would not have done anything further than restricted parking to one side of the street only because they are firmly in the pocket of Caddy's owner Tony Amico. Why have the parking lot restrictions never been enforced? Instead of doing their jobs, City Manager Reid Silverboard and Neal Schwartz, the city's building official and code enforcement officer, have been sitting on their hands while the residents of Sunset Beach have had to deal with drunken teenagers urinating and defecating in their front gardens. And, in case you're wondering, this happened in my front garden at least once.

I have also had some drunken louts tip over my trash can and spread the contents over the front lawn because I asked them not to park across my driveway.

It is about time that Amico wakes up to the fact that his dream of being bigger and better than Shephard's in Clearwater is not going to be realized at the expense of the residents of Sunset Beach.

Furthermore, I am just plain insulted by the marketing tactic he is trying to pull to get the residents of Sunset Beach to look more favorably on him by sending out tacky "resident cards," which will allow us free parking and 20 percent off our drinks at Caddy's.

It is also time for the Treasure Island City Commission to grow a backbone and take the appropriate action.

Renee White, Treasure Island

Gibbs students need to care, too | Aug. 24, letter

Remove students who won't learn

I personally salute the letter writer for his comments concerning the attitude of the students who have no desire to be in a learning environment! Teachers must have the respect of each and every student. If the students do not want to seek the knowledge that is given by the teachers, then they should be removed from the classroom immediately.

What has happened to accountability for your actions? The administrators and teachers are put on the line every day to provide these students with quality education. Where are the parents or caregivers of these students who display such a lack of respect for our educational system?

My opinion is we should hold the parents or caregivers responsible for their children's actions, haul them into school and let them walk the hallways and sit in the classrooms to see if they would tolerate this behavior in their own homes. If they do accept this behavior, then take their children out of the school system.

The parents and children who value the privilege of our educational system should be allowed to learn, and the school system should be able to provide that education to these students!

Peggy Wurm, St. Petersburg

Proposal may stretch bus resources | Aug. 22, story

Students on PSTA? Perish the thought

The idea of placing students on Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority buses along with regular passengers, including the aged and disabled, is one that should die a quick death.

Student behavior can quickly escalate from merely annoying to the dangerous, such as running in the bus or groups standing in the aisle while the bus is moving to a single student sitting on the rear stairs and leaning against an auto-open exit. Loud noise will be universal, and bus operators will be understandably reluctant to accept assignments with such distractions.

John Royse, St. Petersburg

Signal is questioned | Aug. 22, Dr. Delay

New traffic light raises questions

In this article, Lorrie Lykins tried to answer why a new traffic signal was placed at 40th Street N and Gateway Centre Boulevard. Rick Eggers, traffic director for Pinellas Park, indicated it was because of traffic coming off U.S. 19, the topography and the high volume of pedestrians in the area. A closer look reveals a few questions.

A short time ago the Pinellas Park City Council approved the travel of golf carts across that same intersection from the Mainlands community. Shortly after that, the "poor visibility due to dirt mounds, trees and plants" was taken care of by the removal of the problems by the city works department. And yet, that is "one of the factors" used to explain the reason for the installation of the new traffic lights.

I have also observed much of the pedestrian traffic in the area. Yes, when shifts are changed there are a few people who walk on the sidewalk along Gateway Centre Boulevard to the bus stop on U.S. 19, not across the intersection to 40th Street N. The majority of the traffic crossing the intersection is to or from the Mainlands community.

I do like the fact, though, that even after a green light has changed, I merely have to push the crosswalk button and within seconds the light changes again. I have never known a pedestrian signal to be so accommodating.

So, who benefits from this $250,000 expenditure? Is it the private community? Maybe the Times ought to look a little closer at this issue.

Robert Bigham, Pinellas Park

Seminole property headed to auction | Aug. 18

City has several things in the works

I wanted to take a moment to elaborate on the recent article by Anne Lindberg in Neighborhood Times regarding recent developments in the city of Seminole.

Lindberg rightly notes that these are difficult economic times, then goes on to name a number of positive things happening in Seminole.

She mentions that Cody's Original Roadhouse restaurant will be locating in the Target shopping center on Park Street and also indicates possible development on the east end of 70th Avenue N on Long Bayou.

Let us not forget the brand new Aldi food store taking shape on Seminole Boulevard and a new CVS store scheduled for the Park Street location. Two brand new city buildings on 70th Avenue, and, my personal favorite, the new Fresh Markets concept at the Seminole Mall, which has greatly increased activity there.

Thomas Christy, Seminole

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