Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Jobless should dress for success


Jobless should dress for success

My husband has been laid off and is patiently waiting on a potential job offer, which thankfully has only taken a few weeks. Having to go through the process of classes, etc., with the state unemployment office to maintain the very little amount he receives is understandable, but frustrating at the same time.

How is it that he was the only one dressed as if he was going on an interview when he went to a resume class Tuesday? I remember the one and only time I had to do this and it was the same way. People showed up in flip-flops and cutoff shorts, tank tops, old sneakers, etc. Seriously? Take some pride in yourself, people.

If you are truly looking for employment rather than sitting at home doing nothing and collecting money, how about dressing for success? Go to these classes prepared. It's an insult to those who are really looking to find a job. And please, to those who work at the unemployment office, how about making it mandatory that they come dressed ready for an interview and send those who do on some good leads, not to the minimum-wage hourly positions available?

Would these same flip-flop-wearing people go on an interview dressed like that? Maybe they would and that's why they are unemployed.

Gina Farleo, New Port Richey

Thanks for school coverage in paper

After 30 years of service to Pasco County schools in six different schools, and on the brink of retirement, I wish to express my appreciation to the press for your wonderful support of positive activities occurring within Pasco County schools. I don't ever remember requesting coverage with no results.

I am particularly grateful for Michelle Miller's work. She has always been creative, positive, accommodating and professional. Megan Hussey has also been a true ally over the years. Along with them I wish to thank the many photographers who have enhanced their work.

Bunnie McCormack, Port Richey


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