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Keep alcohol out of New Port Richey library

Alcohol at library sets bad example

It has come to my attention that the New Port Richey City Council will soon be considering a proposal to allow alcoholic beverages to be served at closed events at the New Port Richey City Library. Sadly, once again a proposal has been sent to the council to expand the availability of alcohol on city-owned property.

We once had an alcohol-free park system. This was changed several years ago when alcohol was allowed at Cavalier Square. Not too long ago, the alcohol ordinance was expanded to allow alcohol at certain events (namely in Sims Park). Now the Friends of the Library, through the Library Advisory Board, is asking for the ability to serve alcohol in the public library building.

For many years I have been a vocal opponent of alcohol sales on city property. I won't repeat my previous arguments. They are a matter of public record. I have also been a vocal supporter of the city library and advocating its independence. However, I ask the City Council to deny this request. If the council does not stop this slow evolution of a policy allowing alcohol to be made available on city property, it is conceivable that eventually no piece of public land in the city of New Port Richey will be alcohol-free.

Greg Giordano, New Port Richey

Jail, courthouse are too far apart

Deputy Joseph Schlotter was transporting prisoner Charles Robert Williams to jail in Land O'Lakes when a driver turned into the path of the sheriff's vehicle, causing a collision. The article said Schlotter stopped Williams near Moog Road and Pinehurst Drive.

One thing that has puzzled me for a while is the proximity of the jail and courthouse; they're 20 miles apart. That's a lot of unnecessary driving and bad planning.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Gun advocates don't see reality | Feb. 24, letter

Gun sales don't add to homicides

The writer wants to know if Columbine could have happened without guns? Answer: Yes. It's called a bomb, which can be made from common household chemicals.

The writer asks if the Fort Hood killings could have happened without guns? Answer: Yes. It's called a bomb, made from fertilizer. Then the writer asks, "Could the multiple murders you see on a daily basis have happened without the use of guns?" The answer is definitely yes. FBI statistics prove that over half the murders committed on a daily basis do not involve a firearm as a weapon.

History is a good teacher. History tells us that despite what the gun control advocates preach, homicide rates are in a period of decline while gun ownership has risen to historic levels. This indicates a direct correlation between armed protection and declining homicide rates.

The reason the NRA continues to grow in strength is simply because any of the tired arguments made by gun control socialists are no longer being subscribed to by a more educated American public. This is evidenced by our president, clearly the most liberal president we've had in decades, who has declined to pursue the meaningless agenda of the gun control lobby, fearing political suicide. People are not buying baseless, gun control arguments.

Scott Factor, New Port Richey

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