Sunday, December 17, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Keep dogs out of restaurants and bars

Re: Dog-friendly bars face a buzz kill | story, Feb. 1

Can't let this sleeping dog lie

Doggone it. Not everybody is wagging their tails about the doggies in food-serving establishments. My recent experience at a self-proclaimed deli, just south on Broadway Street of Rosie's Tavern that you featured, had dogs on its patio and apparently, according to your recent articles, they are one of the many that still do not have a permit.

Let's face it, dogs, like any animals that are outside, urinate and defecate and leave that residue on themselves and likely step in it where they and other dogs and animals do their business and are simply going to bring these unsanitary conditions with them as they come into these restaurants.

And worse yet, from a sanitary and cleanliness standpoint, the servers were all petting and hugging the dogs and there was no indication they were washing their hands each time.

This is a significantly unsanitary and unpleasant condition under which to dine publicly and should not be allowed by state or city health standards.

At this same deli where I was trying to have a cup of coffee and good, quiet conversation with my wife, one dog was barking loudly and constantly, yet the managers and servers essentially pretended it wasn't happening. It will be very interesting to see what happens when someone incurs a serious dog bite or gets caught in the crossfire of a dog fight.

It is clear from your two recent articles that for many months the city of Dunedin has not been enforcing the required sanitary conditions. We all love pooches, but they are animals and while they have their place, a restaurant (inside or outside on a patio) where food is being served and sanitary conditions are required is not the place.

I know some would rather let sleeping dogs lie, but somebody has to bark about this.

James M. Hammond, Clearwater

Re: Dog-friendly bars face a buzz kill | story, Feb. 1

Pets should be allowed in bars

Some disgruntled person files a complaint, which is the reason why Rosie's Tavern and all other Dunedin bars can no longer allow dogs into their establishments. What if someone came in with a Seeing Eye dog? Would they be turned away as well? After all, a dog is a dog.

What about all those folks with hacking coughs or sneezing all over the place, spreading their nasty germs? Are they ever asked to leave?

The joke of the matter is that man's best friend is oftentimes better behaved than children and even some adults. If you didn't see them, you'd never know they were there — which speaks volumes.

There ought to be a law. My hope is that one day soon, there will be one that is doggone friendly.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Re: Dining out with your dog | story, Jan. 26

Dog dining is an allergy nightmare

In your article you quote two dog owners but no one else. My wife and I are new residents of Clearwater, having moved here last fall. We both eat out five to six days per week and are delighted that there is no smoking in any restaurant.

But this Clearwater proposal to allow dogs is a real problem for us. My wife has had lifelong allergies to all animals, including dogs. It is their saliva that is the problem, not the dog hair. Even though she gets a shot in each arm weekly, she is still very sensitive and can even smell dogs after they have gone.

In addition, restaurants that allow dogs will need to spend more money to be sure that the food meets safety standards already in force.

My wife and will be forced to go to restaurants in other towns rather than risk the exposure to dogs.

John J. DiFazio, Clearwater

Re: Dining out with your dog | story, Jan. 26

Dining out with pets goes too far

In today's economic situation, are we really considering voting in rules to let folks have dinner with their pets? Don't waiters have enough to do without worrying if they have all the necessary sanitation items on the table or water for the dogs?

Why should other guests who want to dine outdoors have to contend with other people's pets? Why can't folks leave their pets at home where they are comfortable and in their own surroundings?

We are carrying this pet thing a bit too far. God put pets on this earth to fend for themselves, and people have made themselves slaves to their pets.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Re: Dunedin hopes its branding campaign steals hearts | story, Jan. 21

City should keep consulting local

It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and voice opinions after the fact. We all had the opportunity to get involved while the process was taking place. I have a few suggestions to our Dunedin city leaders, should a similar situation present itself.

1. No need to keep contracting with outside consultants. Dunedin has citizens who are qualified and talented. Maybe it's too easy to put the blame on consultants if things go bad. City leaders in Dunedin seem to rely too much and pay too much for outside advice.

2. If Dunedin feels it has to shell out big bucks for advertising advice, keep it local. Our business community has many qualified advertising companies who could do the job, plus it keeps the money here at home.

3. The city could hold a contest for the best branding and logo design. Confine the contest to Pinellas County, with the winner receiving $5,000, thus saving a whopping $68,000.

I'll keep the rest of my opinions to myself!

Bill Coleman, Dunedin

Re: $8,000 question was easy for Good Samaritan, story, Jan. 27

A kind soul and a not-so-kind one

It was so refreshing to read about someone who found $8,000 in the middle of the street and worked hard to find the owner. He truly is a remarkable person.

But I was truly dismayed that the recipients never even offered him a reward. He probably would have refused it, but that is not the point. If someone else had found it they probably would never have seen any of this money. How could they face this guy and not offer to at least buy him and his family a steak dinner?

It is ironic: One person makes us feel great and the other — utter disappointment.

Rachel Metivier, Palm Harbor


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