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Keep government out of personal relationships

Gay unions split clergy | Sept. 18, story

Keep government out of relationships I found your story on gay unions very interesting. I'm especially excited by the interest and action taken by local clergy in opposition to Amendment 2. I thoroughly support the efforts of this group of clergy and speak for a small worship family of independent Catholic clergy and lay persons in Florida.

I feel if our Lord had nothing to say about same-gender relationships, he did not consider the issue contrary to his message of love. The union between two people is a contract between them and God and government should butt out of the churches, synagogues and bedrooms.

Most Reverend Richard L. Mence, Diocese of Florida, North American Old Catholic Church, Port Richey

Obedience now optional

The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination. The Bible has several references that condemn sexual misconduct. If so, why do many churches and pastors accept and glorify the homosexual life style?

The answer: Devotion to self trumps devotion to God. Promoting self under the guise of promoting Christ has become commonplace. Also, obedience to the word of God has become optional.

Jack Vanderbleek, St. Petersburg

Pushing beliefs

We have a King James Bible. We have a love for mankind.

If people want to have a law allowing same- sex marriage, sexual preference, etc., they should not push their beliefs on those of us who follow our religious beliefs dictated by the Bible.

Joan Jenkin, Tarpon Springs

Obsession DVD

A needed warning

America should heed

Folks, make no mistake, the material presented in the Obsession DVD is not propaganda. It shows actual footage of the extremist terrorists, most of whom are Muslims, screaming "Death to America." They are very much in earnest and we need to be very aware that they are targeting us.

The DVD points out early into the message that it is not talking about the normal people of Islam, but the ultraextremists. If we don't heed the message, I'm sure we will face more 9/11s, and life as we know it will disappear.

Doris H. Campbell, Clearwater

Obsession DVD

It's a political ploy

It is difficult at the very least to comprehend why the Times would send, as an insert to the paper last Sunday, this fearmongering, Fox News-supported propaganda. Is it possibly just a coincidence? Gee, we're only a few weeks from a presidential election; we know keeping people in fear of the "Wolves at the gate" (remember that one from 2004?) is a great way to motivate people to vote for a more "let's-go-get-'em" candidate, and, just maybe, one who was a POW.

Watch the DVD, but then send it back to the Clarion Fund and let them know how you feel. I will.

Follow the money and the real motive. How could the Times take part in this circus?

Ron Thuemler, Tampa

Use reason, not fear

Dorothy Thompson, an American World War II-era journalist, spoke loudly against Nazi Germany because she saw the effect of fear in politics. She said, "The most destructive element in the human mind is fear."

The DVD titled Obsession was distributed with newspapers across America last week, with disturbingly little information about the sponsoring organization's nature. The DVD claims that its aim is to inform citizens. But in actuality, its goal is to incite fear in voters just before an election.

Such a manipulative action moves me to make this plea. Please, America, do not be blind to threats, but also do not be blinded by fear. We have to look past scare tactics, and keep fear from clouding our minds — because only with clear minds can we be at our best to confront the challenges before us. Ask questions, and seek answers — from many viewpoints, not just one. Then use reason and hope, not fear, to make the important decision you will need to this November. As Thompson's generation witnessed, it is worth the effort.

Jessica Pouchet, Homestead

Helpful information

We usually do not have the St. Petersburg Times in our home due to the blatant liberal bias the paper shows.

However, a friend told us about the DVD that was in her Times last Sunday and gave it to us to view.

In the Thursday paper, there was an unusually fair and balanced article titled Crisis refocuses campaigns written by Times political editor Adam C. Smith.

I have to give my thanks to the Times for putting out very helpful information on two occasions, both within one week.

Way to go, Times!

Jane Kline, St. Petersburg

Trop parking troubles

At the urging of the Times sports writers, a friend and I ventured out to Tropicana Field to see our electrifying Rays hammer the Red Sox. Arriving near the stadium at 6:20 p.m. for a 7:10 p.m. game, I was shocked, disgruntled and frustrated to sit in bumper-to-bumper parking lines that led to closed lot after closed lot. While looping the entire stadium for almost an hour, we asked parking attendants and police officers where we could possibly find parking. Each shrugged, clueless where to direct us. One attendant scolded us that we should get to the stadium earlier if we wanted to find parking. By the time we got to our seats, it was the bottom of the second inning.

If the Rays' owners want to continue to have sellout crowds at the Trop, they must address and master the abhorrent parking situation. Visit Disney and see how they masterfully handle parking. It can be done. Yes it will take some effort and strategic thinking. But the risk of deterring fans from coming to games is far greater.

Elaine Speer, Riverview

A cautionary talk on saving your tail | Sept. 14, Floridian story

Be more respectful

Roy Peter Clark documented his colonoscopy well, but I wish to remind him that the professional person who started his IV was a registered nurse with IV experience and certification — not a nursie!

Florida faces a critical shortage of registered nurses: In 2007, 11,000 positions statewide for full- time registered nurses went unfilled, according to a recent Florida Center for Nursing report. By 2020 the shortage could top 52,000 full-time positions.

There are many reasons for the shortage of nurses, and in my book, high on the list are those like Clark who refer to registered nurses as "nursie."

He might want to delete "nursie" from his vocabulary.

Carolyn Mooney, RN, Palmetto

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