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Keep hotel out of south Sand Key

Keep hotel out of south Sand Key

Please, Clearwater mayor and City Council, save our neighborhood by not allowing Legg Mason to build a hotel in our beautiful residential neighborhood at the south end of Sand Key. This is one of the best residential neighborhoods in the country. This is not Clearwater Beach, where the tourists should be. Would you like a big hotel close to your home with a big influx of people, noise, cars and visitor-dispensed trash? I don't think so.

If the area changes into a tourist hangout, like it will certainly do with a hotel, my wife and I will sell our beautiful Sand Key condo and move up to the north Georgia mountains, where we have a serene, quiet timeshare residence without annoying crowds nearby. We sure don't want to spend the rest of our retirement years in a commercial area with a big hotel.

Please keep this beautiful area at the south end of Sand Key residential like it is now and has always been!

Also, this will be a test of whether our city government is for the local people (who drastically oppose this plan) or for the contractors with possible financial influence on our government, which is supposed to be for the people.

Bernie Browne, Clearwater

Editor's note: Legg Mason, the company that has purchased and plans to restore the historic Belleview Biltmore Hotel & Spa in Belleair, also proposes to build a 38-room boutique hotel on Sand Key on the property where the Belleview Biltmore has long had its Cabana Club.

English is the official language

Two months ago I went to the Pinellas County Health Department to get vaccinations for a trip I'll be taking. The forms I was given were all in Spanish and the staff had to hunt for English forms.

Today I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a motorcycle handbook. The only ones displayed were in Spanish and I had to ask for one in English.

I am an American, a veteran, a property owner, a taxpayer and a small business owner. So why is my government making me feel like a stranger in my own country while I have to pay for it?

The language of the state of Florida is English. It's about time the law started applying to the government and it's about time the taxpayers stopped footing the bill for others that can't be bothered to learn English. If someone wants state forms or documents in anything other than English, let them pay for it. I want my tax dollars to be spent at home to benefit fellow Americans!

Ted Reinhard, Clearwater

Noisy concerts disturb residents

I wonder what our elected Clearwater city officials are thinking? We who are trying to live in the city are bombarded with amplified noise almost every weekend. It seems that the big concert fees are all the city needs in order to ignore the residents' right to carry on their everyday life with some sense of normalcy.

Why have these events not been moved to Bright House Field?

On another subject, one drive down Cleveland Street downtown is reminiscent of a driving school obstacle course, with the concrete balls waiting if you make a wrong turn. All the empty storefronts are a witness to the huge success of this project.

We are longtime residents of Clearwater and are not thrilled at the city's change. I realize change is inevitable, but it should always be for good.

Gwen Waddell, Clearwater

May 10 Letter Carriers

Food Drive

Dunedin shines in food drive

With the economy in the shape it's in and prices of everything skyrocketing, I truly felt it was going to be a down year for this event.

But once again, the ever generous and fantastic citizens of Dunedin shone. With the tally coming from the Salvation Army, Dunedin alone collected 73,600 pounds of food. That's 5,000 more than last year's record.

So as an acting voice for the Dunedin Post Office, I'd like to thank a few people:

• First and foremost, it's our great citizens. You folks amaze me.

• All the volunteers who were there, including the Salvation Army, Clearwater Citadel Corps; Holy Trinity Episcopal Church; Anona Methodist Church; and the North Dunedin Baptist Church Youth Group. Without your help, we couldn't have done it.

• The letter carriers for the great job and going that extra mile for a good cause.

• Postmaster Chris Terhune, who worked just as hard as anybody else.

• My workmate and friend Rick Rozzi for pulling double duty by barbecuing and working as hard as anybody there, and the supervisor and family who helped out too.

Thank you all. I hope all of you realize the good you've done for the less fortunate.

Jack J. Gammon,

Dunedin Post Office

Chivalry, free lunch, do exist

Chivalry is not dead! I recently went to the local McDonald's for lunch. I planned to use my bank card to pay for the lunch, but the card machine wasn't working and I was broke.

As I searched for loose change, a tall, young and handsome man reached across me to the cashier and a five dollar bill. His shirt was inscribed with his name, Isiah, and his company, ABC Pest Control. As I thanked him profusely, he replied, "Oh, that's okay — I do it all the time."

Thank you, Isiah, and God bless you abundantly.

Mary Lou Kavallierakis, Largo

Sometimes we all need a little push

Chivalry is alive.

On Wednesday, my husband's truck stalled at the intersection of Belcher and Ulmerton roads during rush hour. We had to push the truck off the road because everyone was beeping and swearing at us.

My husband had to push and steer the truck because the power steering does not work when the truck is not running. I was trying to push the truck from behind. I am a small woman, 5-foot-2.

A very nice young man got out of his truck and helped us. We were heading out for dinner because it was our anniversary. Thank you, nice young man, for helping us.

Barbara E. McCann, Largo

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