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King also was 'inappropriate' when called for

Breakfast not pulpit for criticism | Jan. 20

King was candid, too, when needed

Sandra Gadsden missed the meaning of the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when she wrote of a statement made by the Rev. Louis Murphy as "a shocker" and "inappropriate."

A study of Dr. King's legacy shows us that he was often considered "inappropriate" as he dared to confront an unjust society and the power structure that fostered and upheld it.

While it is good to know that the mayor can still have feelings that can be "hurt," I just hope that Gadsden and her ilk would be equally concerned about the "hurt" of the poor, black and unemployed people struggling to exist in this city.

What would MLK have said at this breakfast? He would have urged our mayor to dedicate himself to fairness and equity, not just a call for tutoring and mentoring young people.

The Rev. Murphy represented his community when he placed a challenge before the mayor. One would hope that, instead of being hurt, the mayor would have accepted the challenge and promised to work hard to "win the hearts" of the people.

Dr. Zala Highsmith-Taylor, St. Petersburg

City sizes up more cuts Jan. 22, story

Redone sidewalks exemplify waste

I am just flabbergasted! Everything I read says we have a budget shortfall in St. Petersburg, yet for the past couple of weeks I have watched in amazement as the sidewalks on Fourth Street St. N, north of 22nd Avenue, where my office is located, are dug up and replaced when there was nothing wrong with them!

They have taken out the "antique" pavers and replaced them with a solid concrete walk laboriously marked to look like what was removed. If there were a few uneven spots, why were those not releveled instead of tearing up everything? Wear it out, use it up, make it do. Apparently the city knows nothing about that. No wonder our budget is in shreds.

G. Williams, St. Petersburg

Can't we build things that last?

I was watching TV the other day and was admiring all the beautiful castles, buildings and pyramids on the History Channel. It was amazing how well preserved they are after hundreds, even thousands, of years. They must have known how to build things then.

But nowadays it seems that we have to tear down and rebuild something after just 40 years. I would think that our construction methods would be better than those of ancient peoples.

One of the Seminole fire stations is no longer any good, and it was built in 1969. I forget when the "Thunder Dome" was built, but I know it was in my lifetime. Then it was Tropicana Field and "rebuilt" to make the Rays happy. Now the team wants a new stadium and for us to pay for it.

Do the people we elect constantly look for ways to spend money? Our government does, and then wants us to tighten our belts.

I would think construction jobs are necessary, but let's build something that will last.

James Bardsley, St. Petersburg

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King also was 'inappropriate' when called for

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