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Kristin Wood has been good for Chinsegut

Re: Dan DeWitt: Built from the ground up | column Dec. 15

Wood is good for Chinsegut

I read Dan DeWitt's column about Chinsegut director Kristin Wood in total disbelief. Kristin Wood has been the perfect director for Chinsegut with her dedication and knowledge that she happily shares. She has inspired a small army of volunteers and many children with her enthusiasm and vision of what Chinsegut is today.

When I first moved to Brooksville, I couldn't even pronounce "Chinsegut," but I soon wore a path to it like many others for its diverse events and programs — Pioneer Day, Welcome Back Songbirds, Reptile and Amphibian Festival, Birding 101, Archery, Map and Compass, Incredible Edibles, Bat and Owl Prowls (how cool is that!), etc. And guess what? There were kids at all of them, having a blast and learning about plants, critters, the past and the future.

I really don't get what Anne Glick is talking about. Her analogy about the principal and the classroom teacher is illogical. Without a teacher there's no need for a principal. Kristin has been a fantastic facilitator in organizing, scheduling and running all of Chinsegut's events, and her outreach to the community has been immense. I believe Kristin understands what a true gem Chinsegut is and the importance to inform people about it. The more people learn what Chinsegut is all about, the more they will love it and want to protect and preserve it.

I suspect Anne Glick has never been to Chinsegut and therefore doesn't appreciate the great resource we have here. Maybe it's easy to make unilateral decisions from Tallahassee so far away.

Anne Glick has done a great disservice to Chinsegut and the residents of Florida. I am extremely disgusted with the handling of this matter.

Sue Alfano, Brooksville

Shih Tzus vs. self-interested featherbedders

Someone needs to be blamed

There's not a person I know who isn't outraged over the Shih Tzus incident. Clearly, the Hernando County Animal Services leader Liana Teague and director of public safety Mike Nickerson need to be fired, at the very least.

Where is County Administrator David Hamilton? Why hasn't he approached the Hernando County Commission to either start over and or disband the present situation at Animal Services? The board members should be interviewed and quoted for their comment and plan of action: Dave Russell, Jeff Stabins, John Druzbick, James Adkins, Wayne Dukes. If they don't want to act because they're too lazy and self-interested, maybe we ought to euthanize their individual pets.

Richard Silvani and staff at PetLuv nonprofit spay and neuter clinic in Brooksville do a fantastic job and have given more joy to the residents of our county than can be expressed. The stuffed shirts (Hamilton, Stabins, Adkins, Dukes, Druzbick, Russell) should get an education from PetLuv or the American Kennel Club! But the only picture I see is pigs eating at the trough.

Jim Fike, Weeki Wachee

Re: Security for the School Board

Let School Board pay for security

I read with interest the article about the School Board needing "armed security" at its meetings. Is this the start? Will the supervisor of elections be next, or will the tax collector deem it necessary? How about the board of health?

I personally feel if the School Board thinks it needs "armed security," let it have it, but let it pay for it out of its pockets and not use taxpayer dollars, which are to be used for the education of our children.

Next year the School Board will be coming to the taxpayers for money to fill the budget shortfall again. This is not a necessary expense. Stop wasting money.

Bruce Schmitt, Spring Hill

Project didn't make road safer

It is gratifying to see the recent progress in the first phase of the widening of County Line Road, bordering Pasco and Hernando counties, from two lanes to four lanes.

As a resident within several blocks of the former single-lane highway, I expected a much safer road with easier access after the recent improvements. However, much to my surprise, both safety and access conditions are now worse, rather than better. Most importantly, it appears that the new County Line Road is an accident waiting to happen!

There seems to be more blindness for the drivers to oncoming traffic, when attempting to make left turns off the highway. Oncoming vehicles are now traveling faster, and partially obscured by either new small rises in the road or the rising or setting sun, which seem to be more acute. Also, it is more difficult attempting to enter the road from side streets, in dangerously close proximity to the passing traffic, and in crossing the entire width of the four-lane highway just to enter the traffic flow of the other side.

In addition, cars parked or protruding in driveways of the homes adjacent to County Line Road obscure and dangerously block views of the oncoming traffic as well for all vehicles attempting to enter the highway from a side street.

The signal lights at the intersection in front of Heritage Pines sometimes provide green arrows for turning traffic, but many times do not, thereby making the turns riskier when one is unsure of what cars are coming the other way, over the small oncoming hills or rises in the road.

Furthermore, for pedestrian traffic at the same intersection, while the walk signs give pedestrian traffic 25 seconds to cross the road, vehicular traffic going the same way is also given a green light to turn into the pedestrian lanes.

In addition, if the pedestrian hits the cross button simultaneous with the green light for traffic going in the same direction, it does not activate the pedestrian sign, and dangerously cuts the time for traffic flow.

I have been caught in the middle of the highway walking my bike across the road thinking the same 25-second rule applies for pedestrians, as well as for the traffic, but not so. I have had to scramble, or stop and run back to the sidewalk, dodging traffic flow both ways.

Two blocks east on County Line Road from the Heritage Pines intersection, where the new firehouse sits adjacent to the highway on the Pasco side, and across the street from Ruskin Avenue, there is no signal light, for either the fire engines or for traffic.

These are just a few of the many added dangers, and there are more further down the road near Cobblestone Road.

This new highway — with all of its beautiful lanes, turns, lights, lines and the amount of money spent to "improve" it — has become less safe and more hazardous to pedestrians and drivers.

I now regret the "modernization" that took place, and wish for the return of the safer, older County Line Road. I regret that both Hernando County and Pasco County have made matters worse, and are also now opening themselves up for more liability when the increased number of pedestrian and vehicular accidents are sure to come.

Brian P. Moore, Spring Hill

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