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Lakeview Baptist Church sermon appeals to sensationalism

Re: Obama a sign of end times? | story, June 6

Sermon appeals to sensationalism

I think that instead of giving free advertising to Lakeview Baptist Church regarding the Rev. Ken Link's sermon last Sunday, you should report them to our representatives or senators. I know their tithes and offerings likely were up because of the nature of the sermon, but this should be taken away from them because of church and state laws.

As a born-again Christian, I feel I have the right to condemn such rhetoric. I have studied Revelation three times in depth and do not see where President Barack Obama is the Antichrist. Christians should be ashamed of themselves for even feeding into this notion. There are many other predictions associated with the Antichrist that don't match Obama.

There are some very good books out there that speak of the end times. I suggest people read them and come to their own conclusions.

Also, why don't we live like Jesus wanted us to? Stop condemning a man who lives more like Jesus taught us to live than they do. This minister at Lakewood has appealed to sensationalism of the times, not to God.

Jean Sullivan, Clearwater

Re: Obama a sign of end times? | story, June 6

No evidence of prophecies

Every time one of these irrational, mythological thinkers, like the Rev. Ken Link, brings up the subject of "end times," I despair that the human race has enough fact-based intelligence to avoid causing our own end times. If end times come, it will be caused by human beings and it will not culminate with the return of a mythological deity.

How anyone can subscribe to such irrational and totally unproven writings as exist in Revelation and other books of the New Testament is beyond my poor powers of empirical thinking.

There is a long history of apocalyptic thinking that started even before the time of Christ. Anyone who is interested in a brief overview of the history of apocalyptic thinking might want to take a look at Professor Bart Ehrman's book, Jesus, Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium. There have been numerous prophets of doom down through the ages and every one of them has been wrong. But still, people look for signs, where there are none, that they are living in the end times.

The Rev. Link can't answer the question he poses, because the source he uses, the Bible, has no empirical support for the many and conflicting assertions it makes.

The question he poses is irrelevant, in any event. He and his parishioners should instead focus on this life, living ethically and helping their fellow man.

In short, President Barack Obama is not the Antichrist. He is, like all of the rest of us, a human being, albeit an exceptional one.

Mark Brandt, Dunedin

Re: Towns want their identities | story, June 7

Anyone looking at efficiency?

Your article only portrays the opinions of three people who want to keep the status quo and keep their jobs.

While there has been some desire for municipalities to keep their identities, no elected officials bother to find out if any of the fire departments (or police departments) are efficient.

Anybody with an ounce of management knowledge would make comparisons of all 19 fire departments to see who has the most efficient operation and find out why — comparisons of expenses per capita, man-hours and overtime hours per capita, equipment investment per capita, number of trips per capita, etc. Each of these statistics can be identified from information in their annual budgets.

One would look to other fire departments in other cities and in other states to compare their results. There must be many fire departments in the United States that are known to be very efficient in service and cost. Find them and compare.

None of the three fire chiefs in the story offered any ideas to reduce costs at a time when our economy is in serious trouble and major layoffs are just beginning. If the municipal taxpayers find out that they are paying a very steep price for maintaining their identity, they might change their minds.

Nineteen fire departments in the most densely populated county in the state seems to cry out for a thorough review. Of course, this assumes the elected officials have the capacity and expertise to apply management principles to save the taxpayers' money.

As far as I can see, there is little indication that any management expertise exists in government!

Jim Harpham, Palm Harbor

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