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Largo letters: Cat was not ripped apart by an animal

Dog bite, not human hands, killed 2 cats | story, April 13

Cat was not ripped apart by an animal

I am the owner of the cat found on Bella Loma Drive last month. I can assure you that these cat killings are not the act of a dog. I found my cat decapitated, skinned and thrown back in my yard.

There was no blood or fur anywhere, which in my mind indicated that my cat was killed somewhere else. In addition, I have yet to find the top half of him.

There have not been any turkey vultures around to indicate there is anything dead. My cat did not look like it was torn apart, as if it were decapitated by another animal. In the 45-minute time span that I left my home, my cat was killed. Of the six residents I spoke to in my neighborhood, none of them saw any strange or wandering dogs.

The Sheriff's Office did not see my cat in my front yard, skinned and decapitated without blood or fur around. They did not talk to the neighbor whose cat was found dead at the entrance of our subdivision to find out in what condition her cat was found. What about the homeowner in the next subdivision over on Trinidad who found two rabbits and one cat decapitated? Not to mention a slew of other cats missing within the last month or so.

Pinellas County Animal Control and the Sheriff's Office are basing their conclusion on one cat. Wow, I feel real safe knowing that my safety is in good hands of the Sheriff's Office. Let's hope they don't treat a human killing the same way.

Adrienne Samartino, Largo

Friends of historic hotel looking for help

Friends of the Belleview Biltmore was formed to preserve the Belleview Biltmore Resort & Spa. Many people in the Tampa Bay area rallied to save the hotel from the wrecking ball; now it's time to make sure the business flourishes. You can help in many ways.

The hotel has lost most of its historical memorabilia. Friends of the Belleview Biltmore is on a drive to replace these items. If you or your family held an event there, you are the Belleview's history. Please send us your story and any photos you have from these festivities. Include the date, event and names of people in the photo. If you have photos, postcards, programs, news articles or other memorabilia, we would appreciate having them donated or being given an opportunity to make copies.

The hotel has been neglected for many years and now there is much to do. The design and construction of the Belleview Biltmore makes it very costly to operate. To offset the unusual overhead, Friends of the Belleview Biltmore takes on projects that help the hotel. Volunteers are needed to pick up roof debris and spruce up the grounds April 27.

By frequenting the hotel, especially in the off-season, you will be helping most of all. The tour is great, the dining room is vastly improved and the prices are reasonable. They have buffets four nights a week, breakfast buffets and early bird specials daily, and brunch on Sundays. On special occasions they serenade you with a three-piece combo and brunch in the Tiffany Room. Stop by and check them out. Mother's Day is coming!

A Web page (www.friendsofthe will be up soon. In the meantime, if you have memorabilia, want to volunteer or need information on any of the upcoming activities, please contact Rae Claire Johnson at (727) 581-5171 or the hotel at (727) 373-3000 (ask for Sharon). Our goal is to help the hotel be the best it can be. We look forward to you joining us.

Rae Claire Johnson, Friends of the Belleview Biltmore, Belleair

Jail appropriate for suicidal driver | letter, April 13

Jail is not the answer for suicidal driver

It is obvious that the person on the Dunedin Causeway created great frustration for an extended period of time for many people. That said, with the average annual operating cost per state prison inmate at more than $22,650 (this is a 2001 figure), there must be better use of our tax dollars in trying to ensure that this "nut," as he was described by the letter writer, does not repeat the unfortunate episode of putting a gun to his head.

Furthermore, putting him in jail might well help him learn to put the gun on someone else the next time he is overwhelmed in his personal life, and we will then all look forward to having him move into our neighborhoods upon his release from jail.

Randi Obrien, Clearwater

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