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Leash your pets in Pinellas; leave coyotes alone

Re: Coyote sightings a cause of worry letter, Feb. 17

Leash pets; let coyotes live

In response to Lynn Thompson of Oldsmar's letter regarding coyotes, Ms. Thompson is more likely to be attacked by a human in her East Lake Woodlands community than she would be by a coyote. I would suggest that she visit her local library and read about this wonderful creature, which is no more interested in harming her than a sparrow would be.

As a former member of Appalachian Mountain Club and the Sierra Club and having lived in many states of this wonderful country while backpacking (tenting), we would go to sleep with the sounds of wolves and coyotes, knowing they were not interested in us.

The coyotes go after cats and dogs whose owners think it's okay to let them out for a little freedom. If you are going to own a dog or cat, Pinellas County has a law that they do not go outside unless they are leashed. You may check this out with Pinellas County Animal Control, which is more than willing to pick up your pet if found running loose.

I don't know where Ms. Thompson came from, but I suggest she and her ilk who are not happy with Florida and its flora and fauna return there and leave those of us who are fascinated and in awe of all that is here and respect each creature for its place in God's earth.

Marilyn Holl, Oldsmar

Humans safe from coyotes

I would like to respond to the letter written by Lynn Thompson in regard to coyote sightings in Oldsmar.

Coyotes, of course, are wild animals and as such need to be treated with respect, just like you would an alligator. Keeping that in mind, you might be interested to know that coyote attacks on humans are very rare and one of their main goals in life is staying away from humans, whom they fear.

I have lived in northern New Jersey for much of my life and hear the coyotes howling at night often, at certain times of the year very close to my house. In all my years there (and I hike the surrounding mountains frequently in the summer months), I have seen only one coyote and he ran the moment he saw me.

If you raised chickens or sheep, you would have justified concern, but I think you can rest comfortably otherwise.

Bill Lumley, Palm Harbor

Other species need space

I have read the various views concerning the subject of building a new Walmart on a site in Tarpon Springs that contains an eagle's nest, and I must say, it is very unsettling that with so very little of this state left for wildlife habitat, many in the public continue to push forward on the premise that this land "is for human use primarily."

And the latest take that it will help the economy is basically, in my view, the latest excuse to turn the site into one more Walmart.

When are we going to wake up and realize that many species that have made their home in Florida for years will never be seen by our grandchildren? When are we going to wake up and not be self-centered? It is about time we quit being selfish and put the environment first.

I don't want to see this giant corporation use its marketing techniques to win yet another victory!

Marylynne Jones, Clearwater

Thanks to firefighters

There was a fire recently at a residence on my street on the south side of Dunedin. Luckily, a good neighbor spotted smoke coming from the roof and immediately called the Dunedin Fire Department. They were there within minutes and promptly put the fire out.

I would like to express my gratitude to the fire department and all associated personnel for their professionalism and sensitivity to all of my neighbors, and averting what could have potentially become a tragedy. They are an awesome group of dedicated men and women. Thank you for always being there for us.

Karen Weibel Burton, Dunedin

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Leash your pets in Pinellas; leave coyotes alone 02/23/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 7:52pm]
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