Saturday, December 16, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Let's all review the driver's handbook

Let's all review
driver's handbook

I have been reading these numerous letters about driving. Several had the following sentiment: "I do the speed limit and I won't move over." So impeding the flow of traffic is not a violation? In fact it is a violation.

"Slower traffic keep to the right'' would include a vehicle maintaining the speed limit if there were others traveling faster than the posted limit. Speed limits, by the way, are a bit of a suggestion. One can be ticketed for speeding, even while doing the speed limit, based on road conditions. One can also beat a speeding ticket when doing over the posted limit, based on road conditions.

The major problem is, for every driving wrong I commit, you see that wrong as worse than the wrong you commit. And for every driving wrong you commit, I see that wrong as worse than the wrong I commit.

I like to do 5 mph over the limit. You like to block traffic. Someone else doesn't use directional indicators to change lanes. Others have no clue how to merge, when to use their headlights, how to come to a complete stop, maintain a consistent speed and so on.

The drivers in Florida comprise people mostly from other states. I think most people follow the laws and rules from where they originated.

I suggest all of us, fellow native Floridans as well, periodically review the driver's handbook and look for the bad habits we have developed over the years. I'll do the speed safe for the conditions, you'll be courteous and move right, others will learn to merge, come to complete stops, when to use their headlights, and maintain a constant speed.

Michael Jeffery, Spring Hill

Move over and I won't tailgate, May 18 letter

Tailgating wrong,
also dangerous

So, you are the one tailgating me and a previous letter writer because you have mismanaged your time and "trying to make a 40-minute commute in 30 minutes."

So, you are the person endangering my life, my children's lives and the lives of countless others because you either don't own an alarm clock or ignore the one you own.

A speed limit is exactly that, a limit. It isn't a suggestion. Perhaps if vigilant law enforcement were to catch you a few times and explain to you that you are indeed a dangerous driver, you'll learn.

The earlier writer is 73. You are 53. I am 41. I have to err on the side of him — and law enforcement.

Drive safely. Drive the limit. Buckle up.

James M. McHan, Dade City

Driving slowly?
Keep to the right

I do a lot of traveling, and if I recall correctly, there is a white sign (meaning mandatory to abide by) on the right side of the highway that says "Slower traffic keep right."

That is slower, not slow. Therefore, do us all a favor and move to the slow lane (middle or right), if you insist on driving at or below the speed limit. My husband and I have figured out that the reason so many drive in the left lane, is they are color blind and can't see the white line on the right side.

By the way, I'm over 70 years of age and move over when someone comes up behind me. It is a courtesy to fellow drivers.

Anita Drennon, Zephyrhills

Many states warn
slower drivers

I would like to know "Where do you people come from?" Many states including Florida have highway signs posted " keep right except to pass" or "slower traffic keep to the right." This is even more important today with our congested roadways.

The Florida Legislature passed a bill making it a moving violation to remain in the left lane, but our brilliant then-Gov. Bush failed to sign the bill. Does it not make more sense that slower traffic remain to the right so they can enjoy their ride and not block traffic, become a road rage victim, or become the first vehicle hit by an oncoming vehicle crossing the median? Are people today becoming more inconsiderate of others or just plain ignorant?

I am not a youthful or old driver, I'm an educated baby boomer.

Denise Renneker, New Port Richey


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