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Let's chew the fat about meaty story

Re: Man accused of stuffing steaks down pants | June 17, story

Let's chew the fat about meaty story

I read with interest about the man who stuffed six packages of steaks down his pants at Publix. Most men would never admit they had that much room.

I can only guess how this drama unfolded. Did the butcher start shouting, "Where's the beef?" What was the "sauce" of information for your story?

Well, here's the "rub." This could have been a good thing for the defendant, as trying to make a getaway in his car with six steaks stuffed in his pants is no way to operate a motor vehicle. He could have gotten "T-boned."

A case like this is extremely "rare." Did he confess to the crime, or did police have to "grill" him?

I'm very impressed with the quick action of the police. I wasn't even aware they had a "steak-out" team!

Gene Huber, Spring Hill

Re: Dredging plan edges closer | June 17, story

Naysayers delay needed dredging

As one who began the dredge project in 1994 as chairman of the Hernando County Port Authority, the Port Authority had many concerns regarding this monumental improvement: the approval of fickle and distant government agencies, obtaining funds and grants, begging the Legislature for attention.

None of these objectors could feel the pain and humiliation these agencies dealt out more than the people who fought on the front line for the project. But even I could not foresee the rise of local objectors as a possible pitfall. I do not believe they have the power to stop a capital project that will solve many threats to public safety, enhance property values, and allow traversing our waterways with pleasure not terror. But they can drag it out even longer.

The dredge project was a dying and limp body several years ago when the Army Corps of Engineers pulled out instead of confronting the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with the reality that human lives were at stake. That is when a confidant and energetic engineer with our county Department of Public Works convinced me it could still be accomplished.

Gregg Sutton and county engineer Charles Mixon proceeded, to my amazement, to jump-start the dredge project. After 10 years of dealing with the Army Corps unsuccessfully, these guys come up with the necessary permits in less than two years.

Now, I am not one of the good ol' boys the objectors refer to in e-mails, blogs and their downright cruel remarks aimed at county employees, neighbors and others who won't let them take over the project. I, like a majority of residents who work or play on the water, do not like obstructionists and their collective gripes. So, I guess that makes me a good ol' boy, too. This is one of the lamest conspiracy theories I have ever heard of.

My only gripe is that the objectors list a public document that has never been published. Now, there must be a conspiracy of silence in the media.

It never ends.

John Saittis, Brooksville

Royal Highlands roads unsafe

I recently wrote a letter to my county commissioner requesting help regarding the condition of the roadways in Royal Highlands. I'm hoping other residents will join me in writing letters to our county's leadership and ask for assistance with the deplorable road conditions in our neighborhood.

When I moved to the area in October 2007, I was told the lime rock roads would be ultimately paved. In the meantime, I have been trying to live with the persistent layer of dust on my car, on my house and in my lungs. However, something happened recently that has made the Royal Highlands roads absolutely treacherous.

County trucks come regularly to even out the lime rock and grade the surface of the roads. (I'm assuming to correct potholes and so forth.) Unfortunately, the past several times they've come, the trucks created millions of narrow divots in the road comparable to small speed bumps that start at the very beginning of each road and continue throughout. You have to travel on those roads to believe how bad they are. Not only do these speed bumps rattle the entire car (even at speeds as low as 10 mph), but they also pull the car in whatever direction they veer off. My car was pulled toward oncoming traffic several times in the past week while I was driving, even though the other driver and I were moving slowly.

I don't even want to think about the damage these roads are doing to my car in terms of the severe vibration and the lime rock collecting underneath.

In September 2007, commissioners asked county staff to begin work on a master plan that would address how to pave all of the county's more than 500 miles of lime rock roads. I haven't heard anything else about it. I understand that, financially speaking, times are tight in Hernando County. However, I am asking our county's leadership to seriously consider a renewed effort to have (at the very least) the major roads in Royal Highlands paved.

It is no longer just a quality-of-life issue, but a safety issue.

Marni Schribman, Brooksville

Don't miss great local concert

My friends and I went to a "Live and Let Die" concert at VFW Post 10209 in Spring Hill. The band is known for its "Paul McCartney Concert Experience." It was one of the best concerts for the price ($15).

Unfortunately, there was a rather small crowd, which does not show well for people in the Spring Hill/Brooksville areas. If you are a Beatles fan I strongly urge you to come to one of their other concerts at the same VFW on June 27 and July 5. It is a great time with top-rate performers right here in your local community.

With the price of gas, this is the place to be. I know I will be there again!

Ralph J. Hocker, Spring Hill

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