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Letter: Link to soccer program was irrelevant to story

Hernando Heat players cited at house party | Sept. 30 story

Soccer link was irrelevant to story

Were the players involved with a Hernando Heat activity when this party occurred? Was the Hernando Heat, in any way, associated with this party? Perhaps we could say "Central High School graduates cited at house party," or perhaps "PHCC students cited." Maybe we could find out where these young men work and mention that. What about the church that they attend? One of the young men enjoys spearfishing. Why wasn't that mentioned?

There is absolutely no reason why the Hernando Heat organization should have been mentioned or otherwise associated with this article, let alone being a part of the headline. Was the editor out on sick leave when this article was approved for print? And who exactly is the staff writer who penned this juicy tidbit? Perhaps a journalism student who is unaware of journalistic integrity or bias but who strives to be the best investigative reporter this bustling metropolis of Spring Hill has ever seen?

While it is, in fact, true that one of the young men does, currently, play for the U-18/19 soccer team, the other young man does not. He has, however, played on this team in the past. The article is mostly factual. That does not, however, make it relevant.

You have maligned an entire youth organization by associating it with this party. This is an organization that strives to help young men and women learn about sportsmanship and integrity while learning about team play and the sport of soccer; helps young men and women earn scholarships to college; and helps keep kids off of the streets by giving them something structured and supervised to do.

I am not excusing the behavior of the two young men who were cited in this incident. In fact, I believe there is no excuse. I can only hope that they will learn from their mistake. I just find it incredulous that you would print that they were associated with a local soccer program when it has absolutely no relevance.

Kevin Bock, Spring Hill

Hernando Heat U-18/19 boys coach

Keep ag program at Central High

As concerned citizens of the agriculture/FFA community, we feel that Central High School should keep the agricultural program.

Losing the agricultural program would cause great problems with transportation, over-populating classes and force upcoming seniors to change schools before the end of their high school career.

How is our school district supposed to support the gas prices for buses picking up and dropping off students to and from Hernando High School?

Also, state law mandates that a classroom can only hold a maximum of 25 students. Along with the classroom capacity issue, Hernando High School's land lab area is considerably smaller than Central High School's.

One of the major issues is upcoming seniors having to relocate before the end of their high school career. It's not very fair to those students having to relocate in their final year and to start over. It's hard enough for a student to move schools at all, but it is especially hard for a student to move their senior year.

As citizens of the Central High School agriculture community, we feel our concerns should be taken into consideration.

Cortney Sznajder, on behalf of Central High School FFA

By denying rights, we also give up rights | Sept. 26 Dan DeWitt column

Gay marriage foes are wrongheaded

The column was outstanding. I remember when interracial marriages were illegal. Yes2Marriage is reminiscent of that. It goes way too far in managing private lives.

We have many insidious threats to our human rights because of the popularity of the Christian right wing. To return to this kind of thinning would be a tragic loss for our country.

Doris Taylor, Brooksville

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