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Letter: Politicians blame teachers for financial woes

Playing politics with education

The divide-and-conquer strategy has been utilized throughout history for personal gain and control. Today, we see our politicians using our dismal economy to target public educators as the burden, cause and creation of our global financial failure.

First, the propaganda is packaged like a slick new cereal commercial with the slogan "bad teachers." Then we are bombarded with opinions from self-proclaimed experts like Michelle Rhee (supposedly, with no financial gain for their opinions). Of course we cannot forget the data to support the advertised product. The only void is the fine print.

The next step is the divide. We have public vs. private schools, public educators vs. private school educators, teachers vs. administration, parents vs. educators, Republicans vs. Democrats, U.S. vs. every other country, state vs. state, standardized tests vs. national tests, local government vs. federal government, education with only core subjects vs. a well-rounded education and teacher-based school vs. virtual school.

Who is benefiting from this turmoil, our children or the propaganda manufacturers?

Before buying into the product we should read the fine print: "The dynamics of public education: We must accommodate all children with a variety of abilities that benefit from all types of learning styles, we must embrace inclusion without any barriers, our students come from varying backgrounds and we are accepting of all. We must enforce standardized testing, our certified teachers must be highly qualified in their subject area, we are accountable for partially funded mandates and our arts programs are expendable."

Maybe our parents, educators and communities should start a new campaign slogan, instead of "Let's get to work,'' it should be "Let's work together to support public education." Our children and nation will benefit, not the propaganda manufacturers. We will once again be a successful free nation when respect is restored, discipline is observed, innovation is supported — inside and outside of our classrooms.

M.K. Abremski, New Port Richey

Red-light cameras should be banned | March 2 letter

Driver may see additional tickets

The letter writer said that the camera took a picture of his front bumper passing over the big white stripe when the light was red. He also claims that he was going 42 mph and that the amount of time he had between yellow and red was only 4.4 seconds.

Do the math. The car travelled 271 feet in 4.4 seconds at 42 mph. The driver had 271 feet to either decide to stop or run the red light and possibly kill someone coming across the intersection. The writer said he hadn't had a ticket in 25 years. Well, that is only because the cameras are new. I bet he gets many more with his irresponsible driving habits.

Don't confuse dumb luck with ignorance.

Eric Hermansen, Wesley Chapel

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