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Letter to the editor: Drug busts hurt people in pain

Pinellas deputies round up suspects in U.S. 19 drug sweep | story, June 16

Drug busts hurt people in pain

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is way out of line with this. They don't realize how much harm they are doing to thousands of legitimate chronic pain sufferers. We have to jump through hoops because of what the sheriffs are doing.

I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been through so many doctors because of the bad publicity. They need to stop publicizing these busts. All it is doing is making more and more doctors paranoid to give out pain meds.

A lot of conditions are out there that the cops don't seem to care about. Operation Medicine Cabinet should be called "Operation Cut the Throats of Thousands for the Bad Few." I cringe every time I have to go to the doctors because they treat me like a drug seeker. They make you feel like a criminal for being injured. And I am totally fed up with them.

And this buyback of guns? All that does is disarm law-abiding citizens.

When is law enforcement going to start torturing the real bad guys?

Rob Gibson, Dunedin

Traffic calming project in Morningside Estates

City should leave subdivision alone

The City Hall wrecking crew continues to wreak havoc on Morningside Estates. Why does the Clearwater City Council continue to spend millions of dollars on unneeded and unwanted landscaping in the city's east end subdivision of Morningside Estates?

Medians, roundabouts and dangerous bulb-outs in the bike path are completely out of control in Morningside. Roads have been closed for months at a time. Kids on bicycles are forced out of the bike lane into traffic because of landscaping. On-street parking spaces have been lost, and therefore property values have been trashed.

The Clearwater council should cut the city's sky-high taxes and stop the drunken sailor spending. Morningside Estates clearly needs to secede from the tax hungry, municipal corporation of Clearwater and have the county commissioners remove the dubious, accident-causing landscaping.

Bob Snow, Clearwater

Code board has $450K decision | story, June 10

Scientologists should pay fines

Scientologists should not be allowed to weasel their way out of paying the fines they owe the city. They already have undeserved tax-exempt status. They have a "special" IRS ruling that only they qualify for. So they should set a good example and pay their fines. The Code Enforcement Board should not let the cult intimidate them.

David Rodman, Dunedin

Code board has $450K decision | story, June 10

Religions get a pass on taxes

I was concerned that your editorial department was on extended vacations, since I hadn't seen a bash-Scientology article in months.

Of course, I've never understood why the religion business should get a free pass when it comes to paying taxes and fines.

To paraphrase Shylock, when a church is robbed, don't they call the police? If on fire, do they not call the fire department? Do they not get other city, county, state and federal services, all at taxpayer expense? Why is it that we allow the business of religion to get a pass on taxes?

The anomaly is not that the Scientologists are getting away with avoiding fines and taxes; it's that all freeloading religions get the same pass.

William Thompson, Clearwater

Flag Day display cheers veteran

I was driving on Cleveland Street through the Skycrest neighborhood on June 14, Flag Day, and appreciated the effort made by the homeowners to line both sides of the street from Keene to Crest Lake with "Old Glory."

Thank you, from a veteran and son of a veteran.

Sam McClelland, Clearwater

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Letter to the editor: Drug busts hurt people in pain 06/18/11 [Last modified: Saturday, June 18, 2011 2:08pm]
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