Monday, June 18, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letter to the editor: Tower, not pilot, directs air traffic

Route air traffic away from homes | Jan. 3 letter

Tower, not pilot, directs air traffic

The writer is apparently not a pilot and thereby doesn't understand the rules of flight. He states that flights should take off and land from the east side of Hernando County Airport to "be a good neighbor."

Being a licensed pilot, I understand those rules. Planes always take off and land into the prevailing wind. He also doesn't understand that the county airport now has a control tower and the responsibilities of that tower. The control tower directs all traffic in and around the airport, and all takeoffs and landings, to keep the pilots and the people on the ground safe.

The tower has the sole discretion over takeoffs, landings and all air traffic in and around the airport. Be a good neighbor by understanding the workings of the tower and the safety that it provides for everyone.

Steve Lee, Spring Hill

Route air traffic away from homes | Jan. 3 letter

Air traffic, noise are getting worse

I am in complete agreement with the letter writer. The air traffic over some of the most expensive homes in Hernando County is getting worse. The helicopters seem to circle our area nightly. As a community, we seem to be indifferent to this noise violation. There is no one to complain to that I could find.

The county commissioners are staking the entire future of Hernando County on airport expansion at the expense of our neighborhoods. David Russell's tower was another waste of taxpayers' money, as many pilots said it wasn't needed. When are we going to say enough to noise pollution and future tax breaks?

Patrick Herbert, Spring Hill


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