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Letter: Try a teen boot camp to end bullying

Teens in bus beating rebuked | story, Aug. 30

Try boot camp for bullying teens

The increase of bullying and serious crimes by juveniles in their early teens is extremely disturbing.

The three young men who were given unlimited probation by a judge recently, I question how long it will be before they violate probation and end up in jail. Without intense supervision at home after school, this will happen.

A good alternative would be a boot camp, where these offenders would be subject to strong discipline from after school until the parents are around to accept their responsibility.

This could give them a chance to turn their lives around.

Judy Marley, Clearwater

Schools say cheer uniforms too short | story, Aug. 27

Short uniforms are a non-issue

How do such non-issues become newsworthy? Is it the volume of protest from a particular parent?

Wearing sports team uniforms during the school day seems to have always been subject to the current dress code. Basketball players and track athletes uniformly have to wear sleeved shirts beneath their jerseys. And, how exactly would doing otherwise work for the swim teams?

I would prefer the Times spend its space addressing interesting achievements of the students rather than trying to generate controversy over a non-issue because of the grousing of a small, vocal group of parents.

Keith McKinney, Seminole

Schools say cheer uniforms too short | story, Aug. 27

Ah, the memories of a long time ago

The recent articles in the Tampa Bay Times concerning high school cheerleaders wearing their revealing costumes to class on game days brought back some fond memories to me.

In my high school senior year in Buffalo, N.Y., way back in 1944, I had the good fortune to be assigned a seat in history class next to our head cheerleader, named Ginny. She was the most beautiful girl in our class — a striking brunette with a face like a Hollywood starlet and a figure to rival the Vargas pinups which were so popular in that late World War II time period.

With such a pulchritudinous package displaying her charms in close proximity, it was almost impossible for me to concentrate on learning about the provisions of the U.S. Constitution. After all, I was only a normal lad with the raging hormones of a 17-year-old.

Happily, I was lucky to be an excellent student, so, in spite of the enjoyable distraction afforded by Ginny, I was able to earn a history grade which kept me on the Honor Roll.

I'm a strong supporter of high school dress codes, since I spent my working career wearing the uniform of a Coast Guard officer. But, I recommend that our high school decision-makers allow the cheerleaders to wear their attractive outfits to class on game days.

Something that can generate pleasurable memories after nearly 70 years have passed must be a good thing!

Bill Schwob, Clearwater

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