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Letters: Advancing education takes non-local influences

Tongue-in-cheek look at education

Here's my satirical look at the Hernando School Board.

Finally, Cynthia Moore and Gus Guadagnino have come forward to speak as the voice of intellectual reason for the School Board. Common Core is an insidious concept threatening to undermine our American values.

But, they have not gone far enough. The School Board has embraced the International Baccalaureate program. This rigorous degree program offers an internationally recognized high school diploma where local school boards or even a U.S. panel of experts drawn from across our great nation are not directly involved in designing curriculum and testing standards. An international group of educators whom we know little about establishes the curriculum and tests.

If our own U.S. educators and politicians do not know what is good for Florida kids, what could IB and Common Core have to offer?

The International Baccalaureate and its stepbrother Common Core is certainly a U.N. plot to take control of our nation. How dare they (liberals) think are children should be globally competitive? Who do we have to compete with when we are the greatest nation on earth? Gus Guadagnino had it right when he demanded that the Hernando public school system focus on competing locally not globally.

We need to focus the attention in our schools on the types of jobs we have here in Hernando County. Hernando school curriculum should be developed around customer service training for the retail industry, lawn mowing science for the entrepreneur, and table waiting and short order cooking for our many restaurants. We should not spend our taxpayer dollars educating our children to be doctors, scientists, engineers, chemists or worst of all social scientists when we can get them cheaply from foreign countries.

The Tea Party raises important concerns about where the money will come from to buy additional laptops, smart boards and teacher training if we adopt Common Core and PARCC testing. These dollars could be better spent in adult game rooms, bingo and golf.

Thank you Cynthia Moore for your insightful observation, "I think (Common Core) is just a bunch of garbage." Now let's follow it up by cancelling that bastion of U.N. socialist thinking, International Baccalaureate.

M.W. Maynard, Spring Hill

Questions fueled by partisan concerns | Sept. 15 column

There's more to Precinct 11 plan

Where it may be safe to assume that the statement "One of these is Precinct 11, in the mostly black neighborhood of south Brooksville, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a ratio of more than 3 to 1" appears to be of a statement of some substance, it is not a true representation of Precinct 11.

The thoughts of eliminating Precinct 11 should have been made public prior to any actions by the Brooksville City Council or the Supervisor of Election Office, and this did not happen. Precinct 11 is not a county precinct being merged, it is a city of Brooksville precinct being eliminated, in order to provide only one city voting precinct.

The writer mentioned "The money saved — about $8,000 per election and $45,000 the next time the county replaces its voting machines — will allow Anderson's office to open two new locations to satisfy the increasing demand for early voting." The writer failed to write that Anderson's office has not provided any proof to the citizens of south Brooksville that there is a demand for early voting.

Richard L. Howell, Brooksville

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