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Letters: April 16 is Health Care Decisions day — make your wishes known

Pasco should get with the times on recycling April 8 editorial

Recycling should be mandatory

I am in agreement that Pasco County should get with the times on recycling. I think Pasco County might want to lead Florida out of the 20th century. I am a snowbird from upstate New York and the county where I live is an award-winning county, recognized nationally for recycling.

Here are a few suggestions: Get your legislators to enact a deposit law on all beverage containers, including bottled water. It was amazing how quickly those plastic bottles disappeared from the trash and roadside.

Make recycling mandatory. Outlaw all but clear plastic bags for trash removal. The next step is to not pick up any trash that has recyclables in it. Fines could be levied for trash sitting beside the road too long.

I also do not understand trash pickup more than once a week. Think of the smaller amount of pollution from trucks with just once-a-week service.

Some of the things we recycle are paper, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, cereal boxes, cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels, tissue, tin cans, clean aluminum foil, glass and plastic bottles and some plastic containers.

For more ideas, check out

Robert Weaver, Zephyrhills

Toxic mosquito control blasts us

We were fast asleep when the sound came down the street like a very loud outboard motor. It was 11:20 p.m. April 11 and a cold front had pushed through Pasco County earlier making for a perfect spring night of sleeping with the windows open. The mosquito control spray truck was assaulting our neighborhood once again.

It is incredible that in Pasco County and in our controlled community with such strict noise ordinances, that such a nuisance after 10 p.m. on a weekday goes unreported and is not cited by the authorities. We pass laws against secondhand smoke, but the county is allowed to spray poison into my house, without warning, in the name of public health.

Our community is less than 10 years old and all windows and porches are screened. There are no public parks or assembly areas in our neighborhood for gathering after dark. We are an island of people in an ocean of swamps, fields, lakes and woods. We are surrounded by wildlife areas so that street-level spraying is a totally ineffective nuisance.

How does a neighborhood opt out of our county's mosquito program? Do we submit a neighborhood petition to be excluded from such midnight raids? At the least, could a schedule of such assaults to our persons and properties be published so that we might prepare and protect?

Frank Schroeder, Land O'Lakes

Make your health wishes known

One of the great things about living in America is having the gift of choice. But when it comes to health care decisions, many adults have yet to clearly indicate their wishes. Monday marks the fifth annual Health Care Decisions Day, and HPH Hospice hopes to educate and empower individuals to make thoughtful choices and put them in writing.

Advance directives are not only for those who have a terminal illness. Sadly, lives can change in seconds due to an unexpected and irreversible event. While making health care decisions can be difficult even under the best of circumstances, making decisions for loved ones who have not indicated their wishes can be legally and emotionally complex.

You have the ability now to let your loved ones and physicians know what you want if you can't speak for yourself. Please take action. Advance directives give you the ability to choose the type of health care you do and don't want, and to name someone you trust to speak on your behalf if you're not in a position to do so.

More than 25 HPH staff members are advance care planning facilitators. They can make presentations to groups, answer questions, engage in sensitive conversations and help you complete the necessary paperwork. This is an HPH community service that's provided at no charge. You can also read more about advance care planning and download forms at or call us toll-free at 1-800-486-8784.

Dr. David M. McGrew, medical director, HPH Hospice

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