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Letters: Aquarium plans depend too much on Winter

A rendering shows a proposal for a new Clearwater Marine Aquarium at the site of the current City Hall.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

A rendering shows a proposal for a new Clearwater Marine Aquarium at the site of the current City Hall.

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I was surprised when I heard about plans to build a new aquarium in Clearwater.

While the "Winter the dolphin" boom has been great for Clearwater and the aquarium, I cannot imagine it will be a long term attraction. The kids who love that movie will grow and prefer to go to the beach, the restaurants and the hotels on the beach. Someday "Winter" will go to that place dolphins go to play all day and we'll be paying for an aquarium no one goes to!

I often wonder, how the aquarium inhabitants will react to concerts in Coachman Park? Blast Fridays in downtown Clearwater? Fireworks displays?

Let's spend the money on a parking facility and some retail/restaurant space that revives downtown Clearwater. The new Capitol Theatre will open next fall and be a beautiful jewel to spur a downtown revival.

Reduce traffic, give Jolley Trolley buses a private lane and deliver visitors to the beach. They can see dolphins (and much more) in their natural environment there! Let Clearwater Beach demonstrate why it's the reason to come to Clearwater!

Fred Watkins, Clearwater

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The majority of people living at On Top of the World are neither brain dead, crazy nor yahoos! Just because a couple of grown men are acting like 5-year-old children does not mean the majority of us are not happy living here.

I moved here from living in an individual home by choice and have never regretted that decision. On Top of the World is a well-maintained, clean, active and pleasant retirement community.

People who don't live here should not make uninformed general statements about the complex or residents.

Joyce Rickard, Clearwater

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I moved to On Top of the World approximately 18 months ago and am very saddened by the remarks in the June 5 article, OTOTW dispute has readers saying: Time to grow up.

While I do agree that some persons still need to grow up even at 65+, the fact is that all you published was negative comments and it's not all negative here.

The building I live in is full of caring, concerned persons who watch out for the needs of all the others. If a person is sick we call 911, or take them soup or supper as it is and pick up groceries they might need. If a storm is coming and someone has left their car windows open, we alert them to the situation. If someone is sick and has a dog, we volunteer to walk the animal.

The quality of life is not spiraling down and restricted — two swimming pools, tennis courts, two community centers, yard care — yea, really restricted.

As for being a death sentence, it's a life-giving living arrangement that fits most seniors' lifestyles, but I wonder about the age of responders.

Sue Brewster, Clearwater

Auto crash on U.S. 19 June 9

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This unfortunate accident that resulted in the death of a young man caused no end of traffic problems on U.S. 19.

You staff writer reported the road was closed for two hours. The tragedy occurred at 5 p.m. and I was driving south at 9 p.m. and northbound U.S. 19 was still not open. One of the vehicles was just being towed away at that time.

One has to wonder just what takes so long to reopen the roads after a crash. Taking over four hours seems excessive in this day of video equipment.

I also had to marvel at the amount of flashing lights at the scene. Were the entire police forces of Pinellas County there? Certainly seemed like it.

Some of this manpower would have been better utilized directing traffic at the point of the northbound road blockage. Drivers had no idea of the extent of the road blockage and were still trying to get back on U.S. 19 via the ramp on State Road 580.

I tried this but, like many others, cut through a business parking lot and got, eventually, back onto S.R. 580 so I could make my way to Belcher Road to travel north.

These excessive road closure durations seem to be the rule, not the exception.

Ronald Bond, Clearwater

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