Monday, December 18, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Avoiding gun registration discussion counter-productive

Time to discuss gun registration

I read newspaper articles about Commissioner Jack Mariano's March 21 efforts to avoid discussion of gun registration and taking a stance that is illogical and contrary to public opinion.

I strongly support the registration of all guns and Mariano obviously has taken a stance that is counter-productive to the safety of citizens in Pasco County. Furthermore, he is opposing the consensus of state and national opinion as well as recommendations from nearly every law enforcement agency, and this is all in an attempt to avoid a discussion. I find it incomprehensible that a topic cannot be discussed.

I also do not understand why he would want to discuss and vote on a topic (supporting U.S. Constitution) that all the commissioners have sworn an oath to protect. Does he really think that was a good political strategy?

If he is proud of his performance at this meeting, I hope he will publicize it so all his voting constituents can share in his pride.

James Terrill, Hudson

Affirm support of Constitution

The Constitution of the United States is the law of the land, and it includes the Second Amendment's "right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" which went in force as one of the Bill of Rights in 1791. Florida's amended Constitution which gave each county the option of requiring background checks and waiting periods at gun shows has been in effect for 15 years, and was never acted on by Pasco County.

It is surprising that Commissioner Pat Mulieri would react in anger by Jack Mariano's attempt to formally put the commission on record as supporting the law of the land, specifically the Second Amendment. Is it tomfoolery to formally acknowledge one of our most important constitutional provisions?

Commissioners Mariano and Henry Wilson are to be commended for fighting for our constitutional right to keep and bear arms without infringement. How could a majority of commissioners favor resolutions concerning Greek Independence Day, Women's History Month and honoring retiring county employees, yet reject a resolution affirming the U.S. Constitution? It seems that Ms. Mulieri, despite her protestations, and with the support of two commissioners, has rejected the Second Amendment.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

Principal's tactics should bring firing

Anna Falcone's attempt to get names of opposing staff only verifies her spitefulness. Her bullying antics came out of the shadows when she was determined to obtain confidential responses about her from the staff at Connerton Elementary.

This does not surprise me. All I can say is she needs to be fired and the person who gave her the names should also be fired.

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

Apartments will create problems

I am amazed by the county's decision upholding the approval of the apartments in Riverside Village. The arguments against are numerous. An engineer hired by the county said new models showed the project would not have any adverse affects on drainage issues. View the pictures of our severe street and yard flooding during Tropical Storm Debbie. How could that not be negatively impacted by the paving over of an additional 21 acres that are by building specifications, required to be elevated above neighboring homes?

How will the many beautiful children of our community not be endangered by the additional traffic that must pass through the intersection where they catch the bus in the dark? The article stated representatives for the development conducted their own traffic studies and found they would still "fall within acceptable county standards." Shouldn't an independent study be conducted?

Mary Miller, New Port Richey


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