Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Base vote on issues, not negative advertisements

House District 36 race

Someone lives in a glass house

We cannot believe the absolutely ridiculous campaigning being done by Bill Gunter for the District 36 House seat to replace Mike Fasano.

Mr. Gunter's latest piece of literature tries to paint Amanda Murphy as the taker of money from special interests when it is well documented that Mr. Gunter has taken in over $90,000 for his little campaign — special interest money from all the lobbyists who effectively bought out the Will Weatherford-led House of Representatives with no interest at all in the well being of Pasco County.

Patricia and Everett Houghtalen, New Port Richey

Both campaigns avoid real issues

I am disgusted over the character of the election to replace Mike Fasano in the state Legislature.

My mailbox has been subjected to a despicable smear campaign maligning the character of both candidates. Some oddball group called Citizens for Fairness, out of Melbourne, nowhere near Pasco County, has sent particularly vile nonsense designed to tarnish Amanda Murphy. The Florida Democratic Party has been nearly as objectionable attacking the integrity of Bill Gunter.

This is precisely what is wrong with politics in Florida. There is no shortage of serious issues that need to be addressed: flood insurance, sink holes, homelessness, health care and education, to name just a few. Where is the discussion on such issues? What solutions do these candidates propose? Instead, we get mud slinging!

I always vote. I consider it my civic duty. On Oct. 15, I am tempted to stay home and, to quote Shakespeare, "A pox on both their houses."

Robin George Yates, Bayonet Point

Race lacks room for innuendo

Please explain to the voters of District 36 exactly who the Citizens for Fairness from Melbourne are and exactly why are they so interested in this local state House race.

It would certainly seem that Bill Gunter has brought the corrupting influence of the special interests in Tallahassee directly into the middle of this very important special election. I would hope the good reverend could run on the issues, not innuendo, lies and misrepresentations. Let the voters make a decision based upon the facts, not a well-financed negative campaign.

Ken Savich, Holiday

An alternative to the gas tax?

Instead of looking to raise the gas tax, why not consider revamping the homestead exemption program so that every property owner pays a minimum amount and then apply the exemptions? There would be more money to pay for roads, etc.

The end result is every property owner in county will pay their fair share, bringing in more money yearly without raising the gas tax.

Patricia Miller, Hudson

School dress code violations

Parents must be held responsible

Parents are not accepting responsibility for the way their children dress for school. Is there an answer to this? It seems as though the parents do not want to deliver clothes to the school because they are working. Too bad, parents should have checked the kids out before leaving for school.

Parents don't like in-school suspension either because it takes the child out of the classroom and prevents the child from getting instruction.

The T-shirt punishment is not a form of bullying. It gives the child and the parent an opportunity to make sure there is not another violation of dress code. We as parents must teach our children to deal with disappointment as most of us had to.

Without discipline, education and consequences, there will never be an answer to this problem or any other problem concerning rules and regulations that need to be followed for the benefit of all. It is the parents responsibility, period.

Joe Fratto, Hudson

Neon T-shirts teach hard lesson

I find it hard to understand why superintendent Kurt Browning backed off using neon T-shirts for children violating the school dress code.

It sounds to me that it has been working very well. There are only a few students who have been affected and their parents decided it wasn't nice for their child to be subjected to a little ridicule for their choice of clothing. Someone needs to take responsibility and it is not the school.

Why have the parents let their child go to school in clothing that does not conform with the rules? If it was the child's decision to wear something that is not allowed he or she should be made to understand that it is inappropriate and the parents should be supportive of the school.

It is up to parents to make sure their child dresses appropriately to avoid the embarrassment. Blaming the school for trying to correct the situation so it doesn't happen again, is wrong and parents need to take responsibility. Reinstate the neon T-shirts. It is a consequence that works.

Jim Simons, New Port Richey


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