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Letters: Be happy with the progress you get

The price of smaller classes story, Oct. 28

Be happy with the progress you get

This article discusses the state class size amendment. Pinellas School Board member Jane Gallucci is quoted as saying, "To me, it's like the $3,000 coffeepot at the Pentagon." She wants Pinellas and other large counties to band together to defy the mandate, daring the state to assess a fine.

As I recall, the amendment requires the state, not the school districts, to fund the cost of meeting the requirements of the class size amendment. The quote from former Gov. Jeb Bush that the cost would "block out the sun" was referring to the state budget, not the school districts' budgets.

Gov. Bush and the legislatures since then have refused to fund the cost of the amendment, if any of that cost is what board member Gallucci is referring to in this article. She also states that voters would not have passed the amendment if they had known the cost of the amendment.

We should be frank on this issue. We know voters really don't want to fund any level of government, including schools. We have to be proud of Pinellas County voters for voting for the small increase in salaries of our teachers for an additional four years.

Cheers to Belleair Elementary principal Robert C. Ovalle, who is appreciative of both the intent and the result of the amendment.

Paul C. Blatt, Dunedin

Take your event and go elsewhere | letter, Nov. 7

Not everyone hates Ironman

The letter writer wishes the City of Clearwater to stop hosting the Ironman 70.3 World Championship race because "the overwhelming majority of the people who live, vote and spend money in this county couldn't care less about your event."

I don't remember that being on the ballot last Tuesday! I would like to know how he polled everyone in the county, since he feels he can speak for them.

I am not a fan of this race but admire the athletes for their training and endurance to compete. And I planned my day so I will not be inconvenienced by the traffic delays that we have been warned about for weeks.

I think many of these athletes will enjoy our hospitality so much that they will bring their families to the area on their next vacation, to enjoy the beach and all the area has to offer. These events stimulate the local economy, which is needed now more than ever.

Perhaps we should have asked the Rays to play all of the World Series games in Philadelphia so the letter writer would not be inconvenienced by the traffic. Should we give up this year's Super Bowl to Atlanta or New Orleans, so there will be no traffic tie-ups to deal with here?

Mark Hepburn, Clearwater

Take your event and go elsewhere | letter, Nov. 7

Don't complain; get involved

If the letter writer spent as much time planning ahead as he did writing his whining/complaining letter about the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, he would be well prepared to avoid any inconvenience that this event may cause.

This is a great event for Clearwater and Pinellas County to host and gets better every year. If it were as bad as he says, there wouldn't be nearly the hundreds of volunteers who sign up each year to help make this event the success that it is.

He should get involved. He might change his mind.

Don McCreery, Clearwater

Theater an investment in Clearwater's future editorial, Nov. 6

Theater is a smart move for city

This is a great editorial. I wholeheartedly agree that this is a good investment for downtown Clearwater and, for that matter, the entire city.

Investments like this take vision and the ability to see well into the future and weigh the impacts, good and bad. I believe the positive impacts outweigh the negative and this will be the impetus and launch of an economically thriving community.

Kudos to the city for being visionary.

Karla Jo Helms, Clearwater

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