Letters: Cemetery entrance is a danger


Cemetery road surprises drivers

Pasco County has created a dangerous traffic situation at the fairly new entrance to Heartwood Preserve and Cemetery on Starkey Boulevard in New Port Richey. I would hate to see someone visiting the cemetery wind up in the cemetery. On two occasions I was nearly rear-ended trying to turn into the cemetery because most motorists don't know of this new turn off Starkey.

The county has complicated the issue by placing "No Motorized Vehicles" signs at the entrance. What are they thinking? Can we only enter the cemetery on a bicycle or maybe a horse drawn carriage?

I suggest replacing the signs with "No thru traffic" signs would be more appropriate. In fact, there is no thru traffic, so the signs would be completely correct.

Lastly, about 100 yards in both directions, install preserve or cemetery entrance ahead signs to alert motorists.

Joseph Wynne, New Port Richey