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Letters: Christmas message meant to honor holy day

Christmas card honored holy day

Columnist Dan DeWitt recently expressed disappointment with Holy Trinity Lutheran Church's Christmas card on the Brooksville Square. Mr. Dewitt assumed our Christmas card arose from a concern that our government might somehow take away Christmas. That is not our concern at all.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church does not think the government would ever squelch a holiday from which retail stores derive 50 percent of their annual revenue. Holy Trinity cannot even begin to imagine the backlash if any court ever tried to curtail Christmas in any way.

Is it possible, however, that the culture at large might hijack the holiday to promote even more sales. What might happen if Christmas focused on a generous Christian martyr named Nicholas recast with god-like powers whose primary aim was to give gifts to good people? Sales might increase as this, rather than the birth of Jesus, the Christ, became the reason for the season.

Holy Trinity has a deep respect for those with roots in our shared tradition as they celebrate holy days such as Hanukkah or Ramadan. We have no desire to intrude into their holy days in the name of constitutional equality. We are most content to allow Christmas to stand as a holy day when Christians rejoice that God (Yahweh, Allah) took on flesh in the person of Jesus, the Christ, to reconcile humanity with God demonstrating the goodness and love of God once and for all and to all.

The Rev. David Brockhoff, Spring Hill

References to God have a place

Apparently, some believe Dan DeWitt was offended by the government giving endorsement to some Christmas messages displayed at the county courthouse. I sensed no offense taken by Mr. DeWitt, but an amazement that the display, which would unintentionally give a clear religious message to children and adults who pass by, was allowed to stay.

Why all the fuss? It is no worse than the U.S. government inscribing all of our currency with "In God We Trust," thereby implying governments credence that there exists an omnipotent God who deserves our trust. And, it is no worse than the insertion into the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, that our nation is "under God," which, I am sure has a big impact on all of the children in elementary school who stand with hand over heart repeating it every day. Our Supreme Court has accepted these challenges to the Constitution, and I am sure they will give no problem to the county.

John Dorgan, Spring Hill

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