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Letters: Christmas spirit and plywood cards

Offended? Create your own card

It never ceases to be amusing when the progressive liberals, with their long history of deriding the Constitution as an outdated impediment to progress, and as an irrelevant text for a modern society, rush to hide behind its skirt when the issue of separation of church and state rears its head.

As it relates to Brooksville's plywood Christmas cards, columnist author Dan DeWitt is seemingly offended by the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church's Christmas message, and appears further miffed that it is legally permissible under the public forum doctrine. Feeling handcuffed by the legality, he then regrets the lack of cards from other religions or politically left wing organizations that would genuinely "help us get in the true Christmas spirit."

Well, I think that I have a solution. Head down to Lowe's, and pick up a sheet of plywood and some paint, and create your own card. You know, do some finger wagging of your own. I'll even offer up a message: "Smile. The state loves you," underlined in red of course.

Alex Vann, Brooksville

Peace on Earth for all of us

I recently had a phone call from Dan DeWitt asking about Muslims taking part in the religious display at the courthouse in Brooksville and I mentioned to him that this Christmas holiday is the opportunity for our fellow friends of Christian faith to express their religious holiday and rightfully so enjoy it and I mentioned to him that the love of Jesus shared by Muslims and Christians alike should bring them closer than ever this holiday season.

I thought it would be beneficial to share some facts that Muslims love and respect Jesus as prophet of God who was sent with guidance to the people of Israel and who is mentioned in the holy Koran more times than the prophet of Islam, Mohammed (Peace be upon Him).

It is very interesting to notice that Christians know the holiest places in Christianity in Jerusalem, but very few know that it is actually two Muslims who open and close the holy door to these Christian sites and serve as the custodians of the entrance. Their names are Adeeb Joudeh and Wajeeh Nuseibeh, both are Palestinians and Muslims bearing the key to the heart of Christianity.

Watching world events and the amount of human suffering and all conflicts created out of ignorance and manipulated under religious context, one comes to realize that the only viable path to achieving peace is by education and dialogue, not by wars and killing.

Although Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, we do celebrate the message of peace of all prophets on a 24/7 basis. Let us work for peace in the season to make peace on Earth a reality not just in the Christmas card.

Dr. Adel Eldin, Brooksville

Festive tree lighting was a hit

Hernando County did itself proud! The lighting of the Christmas tree at the courthouse was an A-one production once again. It could not have been better, and the crowd seems to be getting larger every year!

It was an evening of fellowship and singing — and yes, even some of us making a feeble attempt at dancing along with the Brooksville Dance Academy. All in all, I am glad I was part of such a festive evening and am already looking forward to next time.

Julia Jinkens, Brooksville

Commentators just don't get it

Columnist Dan DeWitt predictably took U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent to task for his "nay" vote on the budget deal in a Dec. 18 column.

In paragraph after paragraph of smarmy commentary, he disparaged Nugent's vote. It isn't until the very end that he accidently states the real reason for his vote. Nugent was reflecting the will of his constituents.

Why is it so difficult for commentators (local and national) to understand that in our system of representative democracy, the people send their representatives to do the will of the people — not the will of the self-defined elite?

Ray Kelly, Spring Hill

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