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Letters: Clearwater Beach parking fees take residents for granted

Clearwater Beach parking

Clearwater takes locals for granted

I want to thank the city of Clearwater for taking our beaches, sunsets and relaxation away from the locals — the people who pay dearly to live in Clearwater, the ones that support the beach on an annual basis.

We used to love to go down to the beach, have a nice dinner, watch the sunset and walk the beach to close out the evening. We could also tour Pier 60 and support our artists and mix with our visitors, but our great city has increased parking fees to $3 per hour with a five-hour maximum. They also cut off free parking after 6 p.m. when the locals actually enjoy the beach.

Great move for our taxpayers, the people who pay taxes year around and support our city.

I refuse to pay $15 for parking to go to our beach for an evening to support our local restaurants and retailers. (Wait times are sometimes over an hour and at least an hour before you get done with dinner.)

I will spend my evenings and money elsewhere — Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, St. Pete. Just a few.

Bill Crumley, Clearwater

Sponge Docks have no solutions in dispute editorial, June 6

Put Tarpon funds to good use

It seems that three years and $300,000 later, the project to modernize/improve the Sponge Docks has been blocked due to complaints from a vocal minority.

Now Tarpon Springs has over a million dollars available for improving other parts of the city, so why not move ahead and use this money to make this area more appealing to businesses, tourists and residents?

For years, I've been begging city officials to improve Alt. U.S. 19, which is in danger of becoming "the other U.S. 19" with its unattractive signs, treeless strip malls and dilapidated structures. Specifically, I'm highlighting the area between Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Klosterman Road. Well, maybe this unexpected windfall will help.

To quote an old and wise saying: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a present!" We now have an opportunity to move forward for the benefit of all Tarpon Springs citizens. Why not take it?

Irene Prosser, Tarpon Springs

PSTA worker's reply riles critic | story, June 6

Twisting words influences voter

When deciding how to vote is difficult, analyze those attempting to influence you. Listen to or read their remarks carefully to understand what interests they serve and if they are the sort of person whose advice you respect. Someone who entices another to say something to be twisted to mean something else has helped me decide to vote for Greenlight Pinellas. Thanks, Tom Rask, your entrapment solved my dilemma.

Bud Tritschler, Clearwater

Clearwater aquarium

Put new facility at Harborview site

Tell me again, why are we demolishing Clearwater City Hall? It is a beautiful building on a lovely site with ample parking that is often used by patrons of the newly opened Capitol Theatre. Citizens of Clearwater can point with pride to their City Hall, easily accessible to all. And we are going to tear it down to erect a tourist attraction?

Why not use the Harborview Center site for the new aquarium? This would save the demolition and relocation of City Hall. Presently, the parking lot behind the Harborview is rarely used. This solution seems so obvious one has to wonder why our politicians have a different plan. Will the citizens of Clearwater benefit, or will the politicians?

Marianne Morgan, Clearwater

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