Saturday, January 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Compliments, concerns about Brooksville Common

Common is not welcoming to all

I read with great pleasure Dan DeWitt's recent column about the Brooksville Common and if it was really and truly a commons, it would be welcoming to all people.

We taxpayers put $10,000 into that religious pool. We sure don't have separation of church and state in this town.

What is the city of Brooksville going to do when all the other churches in town want $10,000 for a project? City officials can't turn them down after handing over $10,000 to one denomination.

Thanks to Dan for exposing the justification for the common.

Jan Kalnbach, Brooksville

Proud of effort to build monument

I cannot imagine the sacrifices that were made to bring the Brooksville Common to a reality in a short period of time. We owe some person a great big thank you, or better yet, we owe a lot of people. What a beautiful addition to any community.

It seems all those at Brooksville First United Methodist Church are a force to be reckoned with. Brooksville will never be the same again. I believe Dr. Gary Wilson and Marilyn had an idea about a "gathering place" need for the community, and from there it grew. And how it grew!

After much talking and a lot of meetings, the actual physical work began. Not very long after that the dream became a reality. The dedication was held May 1 on National Day of Prayer. How fitting for such a project.

All of us in this community are so proud. Bless all of you involved with the common and rest assured it will be a very busy place from now on.

Julia Jinkens, Brooksville

Why are plane, pilot still missing?

Apparently we have our own version of Malaysia Flight 370 — a plane flying from Citrus to Pasco County. They can't find the plane or pilot. What do you mean the government can't find the plane? We are always told they can find us anytime, anyplace.

The search for a 74-year-old has been called off. What? If anyone steals a loaf of bread they will be looking for you until hell freezes over.

Craig Bolton, Brooksville

Remember kids without mothers

Mothers' Day was a hard day for children who don't live with their mothers because of abuse or neglect. As a guardian ad litem, the less obvious side of this holiday and of the approaching Father's Day comes to the forefront of my mind.

While many of us spent last Sunday celebrating mothers who were a source of stability and love throughout our lives, it is important to realize that many children felt an opposite set of emotions because their mothers failed to meet their parental duties and responsibilities.

I salute all women, whether they are grandmothers, aunts, family friends or foster mothers, caring for those children who missed their mothers and were unable to go home because home wasn't a safe place.

These children are the victims, and to all of you women who listen and respond to the needs of the children in the dependency system, thank you. I hope others will consider how they can be a positive part of a child's life. One simple way is by volunteering as a guardian ad litem and speaking on behalf of an abused or neglected child's best interest in the court system. Dads should consider joining us as well.

Peg Donovan, Spring Hill


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