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Letters: County makes us pay for Aloha deal

County makes us pay for Aloha deal

It never amazes me how our leaders in this county can determine how to spend my paycheck. Our commissioners voted to pay more than fair market price for Aloha Utilities, more than $90-million at the expense (approximately $30 a month increase and 5 percent yearly increase afterward) of the customers without batting an eye.

All this for what reason? Instead of holding Aloha accountable in providing the proper service it should provide in the first place, hard-working residents have to fork over an increase once the buy out takes place.

When will the voters wake up and change the way Pasco County conducts business? Paying more for something than it is worth is what got our country in the state it is now!

Edward Dooley, New Port Richey

She was driving and multi-tasking

On Oct. 8, I was traveling north on Little Road and stopped for the red light at Plathe Road I noticed the woman in front of me had her left hand dangling out the window with a cigarette and with her right hand she was adjusting the rear view mirror to look at herself.

I wanted to check her out, so I pulled up on her right side. When I took a peek she was looking down on the seat to her right. My goodness she was text messaging. I understand American jobs are going overseas because we can't multi-task. Here's proof we can do the job.

This lady was smoking a cigarette, looking at herself in the mirror, and sending messages all at the same time. Did I mention she was driving a car?

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Attacked at home, ignored by police? | Bill Stevens column, Oct. 5

Treatment of gay victim appalling

I was appalled when I read about what happened to Joe Catania.

My son worked for Mr. Catania for many years and we had a good friendship. He is also my oldest grandson's godfather.

Reading about Joe just sickened me, knowing how these intruders could have killed him. It's very sad, our local police don't care, but will arrest you for something senseless. I'm ashamed to live here.

People are what they are. Because Joe was openly gay, doesn't mean he's a bad person. He's one of the kindest men I've ever known. It's a shame people can't accept other people the way they are: Gay or straight; black or white. What is this world coming to?

Deborah Leder, Port Richey

Church aids poor; country aids Iraq

Our pastor appealed to our parishioners at last week's mass for donation of food to our food pantry for the needy. This hasn't happened in the past because normal weekly donations were sufficient to satisfy the weekly demand. Things are so bad now that the demand exceeds normal donations.

The response was tremendous. People do care about other people. I have no problem providing food to the pantry and gladly do so. God has blessed us with more than enough to satisfy our physical requirement for daily living. Many come to the church for donations of money to pay their rent and utilities. We don't ask what religion they belong to we just provide what we can with what is available at the time.

What bothers me is that our government is spending $10-billion a month on a war in Iraq that appears to be endless and we can't even help the needy in our own country. How much more pathetic can it get?

It's time for our government and the candidates to step up to the plate and address this issue and tell us what they intend to do about it.

Daniel Ward, Zephyrhills

Male victims can get help at Sunrise

I am responding to the men who have written with their concerns about the lack of services for male victims of domestic violence. Sunrise of Pasco County, Inc. has been serving men and women for the past 26 years. All our services are available to men.

Domestic violence knows no boundaries of age, financial status, race, sexual preference or gender. There are 42 domestic violence centers in the state of Florida all of which provide services to all individuals. If you are in need of services please call the statewide hotline which will connect you to your nearest center at 1-800-500-1119.

Penny Morrill, CEO

Sunrise of Pasco County Inc.

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