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Letters: County Republicans mum on local issues

Local GOP mum on county issues

It seems to me the importance of local elections is overlooked or underestimated, or in the case of the conservative right, intentionally obscured.

Let's first look at what locally elected Hernando County officials cannot do. Hernando County locally elected officials do not vote and cannot vote on federal health-care funding issues. Hernando County locally elected officials do not vote and cannot vote on Florida state education funding issues, and they do not and cannot vote on any federal or state legislative issues and cannot vote on U.S. Supreme Court justice appointments, only the U.S. Senate can confirm justices to the Supreme Court.

Now let's look at what locally elected Hernando County officials can do. Locally elected Hernando County officials vote on issues that directly impact our pocketbook and our quality of life. But, what has the conservative right Republican run Hernando County provided us with? They provided us with the second-highest unemployment in the state of Florida, an unemployed workforce with outdated skills; a permitting process that frustrates, inhibits and prevents business development, growth and expansion; cost overruns and delays in county contracts; unmanned county parks leading to potential safety and liability issues; and reduced library hours further reducing our quality of life.

Why is the local conservative Republican Party only talking about national and state issues? Is it because they do not have answers to the problems or worse, do not fully understand the depth of the local problems? Do not let local conservative Republican rhetoric mislead, intimidate or scare you by harping on national and or state issues instead of local issues.

The local Democratic Party strongly recommends learning and understanding each and every candidate's specific platform, proposals, background, education, skills and work experience. Make knowledgeable decisions and help Hernando County shine and prosper.

Mark Johnson, Spring Hill

Stabins doesn't deserve criticism

I am sick and tired of reading your paper's attacks on retiring Commissioner Jeff Stabins. Jeff did a lot of good for the people of Hernando County. He doesn't deserve the criticism slung at him.

Jane Kent, Brooksville

Let volunteers run Animal Services

In reading these continuous articles about Hernando County Animal Services, it appears that those on the payroll and in charge care very little for the animals and in making changes.

However, the volunteers appear to be the animals biggest advocates and have the best change ideas and ways to implement them.

Maybe it's time to change who's on the payroll.

Linda Benlien, Spring Hill

Feral cat proposal a natural solution

I would like to applaud Dan DeWitt for the May 11 column regarding the recent proposal by advocates of a "no kill" animal shelter to spay and neuter feral cats and then return them to the wild.

It takes courage to address an issue that is so emotionally charged as this has become. Next to family, religion and politics, nothing causes us to become more divisive than the treatment of our pets. It is a fact that our pets are truly members of our families.

The plan calls for sending cats, once caught, back into the wild where they, as predators, are hard wired to attack birds and other wildlife. Let's show as much compassion for our natural animal friends as we do for our domesticated ones. As Mr. DeWitt put it, wildlife has more of a right to remain in wild places.

Michael Liberton, Webster

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