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Letters: Don't feed the pelicans

The rule that outlaws feeding pelicans is aimed at helping the birds, which become too used to getting a free meal.

DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Times (2003)

The rule that outlaws feeding pelicans is aimed at helping the birds, which become too used to getting a free meal.

Now they have to wing it story, July 4

Please don't feed the pelicans

I support the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's move to outlaw the feeding of the brown pelican.

These birds migrate to where the water is warmer in order to find bait fish near the surface. Feeding pelicans persuades them to get an easy meal and remain around humans. Being around humans exposes them to cars, fishing line, family pets and food that is not always appropriate for their diet.

I hope people understand that when they feed pelicans, they are really doing it for their own amusement or some other misguided reason. These magnificent and docile birds are beautiful to see, but please leave them to their own vices.

Kathy LaDuke, St. Pete Beach

Cut recreation to save jobs, services

Having read over the budget concerns in the city of Clearwater, I do not see the advantage of a millage rate increase, according to the explanation given by City Manager Bill Horne.

I'm not saying he's not right, but when we have to lose city employees and some city services, where do they find money for four lighted clay courts and other amenities at the McMullen Tennis Complex? We are talking about recreation, not needed items.

Even if this money was budgeted earlier, in times of cut-backs, recreation should be the least important. Maybe I'm missing something, but anyone losing a full-time job will certainly not be concerned about adding to a recreation complex.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Cigarette butts ruining beaches

I spent a recent weekend relaxing on the beach at Treasure Island. Although I have lived in the Tampa area for the past eight years, I don't make it out to the beach nearly as often as I should.

One thing that always perplexes me every time I do make it out there is the litter that is all over the place: By litter, I mean cigarette butts. It's absolutely amazing that smokers would choose to lazily discard the remains of their disgusting habit all over our beautiful beaches (not to mention our roads, parks and anyplace else they can flick them).

Why do we allow it? Why aren't we protecting our beaches and making them all nonsmoking areas?

Aaron DeSpain, Riverview

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