Saturday, March 17, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Don't forget that taxes support services you get

Lowering taxes should be goal | June 7 letter

Don't forget taxes support services

In response to the letter writer who sees no good at all in government and taxes to support necessary services, he would be the first and loudest to complain when his home was invaded, a fire occurred, or the roads became pothole laden. This country's greatness has been, at least in the past, the result of shared work and sacrifice. Now it seems there are too many individuals and companies that only demonstrate a me-first attitude.

Those individuals who lived through the Great Depression and fought as the Greatest Generation on the world's stage sacrificed so it could be a better place for us. They toiled and paid taxes so we would have schools, libraries, paved roads, police and fire protection. Now we have too many individuals who do not care about the legacy we leave for future generations. They seem to forget or choose to ignore the sacrifices others made who came before us and left us in a better world than they came into.

All these people who rail about the cost and size of government ignore all the benefits they receive. With an ever increasing population in this country, just to maintain the same level of services, more money and staff are necessary. If we continue to cut government and taxes, our country will slide into being another Third World operation as we underfund those things that make a country great.

Dale Gottschalk, Hudson

Avoid write-in ploys; appoint a school chief June 6 editorial

Open primaries or beat the system

While I agree that it's time for an appointed professional superintendent, this exposes a deeper problem. The ability of one person to disenfranchise over 60 percent of registered voters in the name of party purity.

I agree that, in principle, members of one party should not be allowed to manipulate the vote when the parties are selecting their candidates for contested races. But when the winner of a primary is gong to be unopposed by a named candidate on the ballot, that is a different story. These write-in candidates aren't running for the position. They don't have to campaign at all, just fill in a few forms to declare. They can even drop out as soon as the primary ballots are certified.

It's time to stop this charade.

Primaries of all sorts should be open to all voters unless the winner of the primary will face an opponent whose name will appear on the ballot of the general election.

In the meantime, voters can protect their right to determine who will lead Pasco County schools for the next four years. It's easy. If you're not yet registered to vote, go to the Supervisor of Elections' website ( and register as a Republican before July 16.

If you're already registered and just need to change affiliation, just mail a signed, written request which includes either your date of birth or your voter identification number to P.O. Box 300, Dade City FL 33526. Do it before July 16. It's easy, it's painless, you don't have to tell your friends (although you should, and make sure they switch also), and you can always vote however you want anyway and switch back later if it bothers you to have R next to your name on the voter roll.

Patrick Connolly, Zephyrhills


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Wednesday’s letters: Daylight bill is bad for business

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Tuesday’s letters: Billionaire’s personal agenda

Tuesday’s letters: Billionaire’s personal agenda

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