Thursday, November 23, 2017
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Don't sit out city elections


Getting set for the votes on April 9

Preparations are under way for important upcoming municipal elections in New Port Richey, St. Leo and Zephyrhills on Tuesday, April 9.

Municipal elections are only for voters residing within city limits, and there is always confusion as to who is eligible.

Owning a business within city limits does not qualify you as an elector, and although there are many county addresses that use city names, they are not physically located within municipal boundaries.

While these elections are funded by the individual cities, my office provides the election administration. We will fulfill our obligation with extreme attention to detail and accuracy.

Historically, our municipal governments experience very low voter turnout. In 2012, just over 7 percent of the electorate voted in Zephyrhills and less than 6 percent in New Port Richey. These elections may be small, but are no less important.

Local elected officials can have more of an impact on our day-to-day lives than those elected on a national level.

I would like to encourage all eligible electors to participate in choosing their local leadership. City residents have until Monday, March 11 to register to vote for this year's municipal election.

Eligible voters will have two voting options for this election, by absentee ballot or at the polling place on Election Day. Any voters with questions or requiring assistance can call us at 800-851-8754 or visit If you an eligible voter in one of these municipalities, it is my hope that you will do your civic duty to ensure we have a vigorous turnout for these important contests.

Brian Corley, supervisor of elections, New Port Richey

Please keep the red light cameras

I want to express my deep concern regarding the need for red light cameras. The camera's ability to capture the red light runners is so important for traffic safety, fewer accidents, public welfare and the best for residents.

In today's world, there are many distractions while driving on the roads. We need to do everything, within reason, to make our roads safer and this includes continuing the use of red light cameras located at the major intersections. Please keep red light cameras.

Don Hayden, Wesley Chapel


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