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Letters: Eliminating stupidity will save money

Cutting stupidity would save more

I can't agree more with Commissioner Michael Cox. Fire the smokers and the fat ones and the handicapped and the mentally ill. We'll save millions.

But, don't stop there. Get rid of the idiots, too. This alone will trim the County Commission and senior management by at least 95 percent. Scientists say only one idiot on the County Commission costs every resident at least $1,500 a year.

As for attendance, Clerk of the Circuit Court Jed Pittman has demonstrated that employees aren't even necessary for the work being done. We can save a fortune on electricity if everyone stays home. Parking would certainly improve.

James B. Johnson, Port Richey

Put GOP politics under scrutiny

If Shakespeare thought something smelled fishy in Denmark, he should take a sniff at the Republican Party's antics in Pasco for County Commission District 1.

Stinks to the ozone.

Liz Stalvey, Dade City

Ballfield needs extra parking

This past week I have been going to the West Pasco Little League Field to watch my granddaughter practice for the all-star games.

There was an empty field on the right as you enter the field that has been used for parking in the past since there is never enough parking in the paved lot.

When I went there this week I noticed that bulldozers were moving the dirt in high piles and I thought "How nice, they are making this field larger to accommodate the parking." However I was informed that the city government is putting a building there.

I realize that this is their property but this area is seriously needed for parking. They expect the kids to walk down the road in the dark to their cars which will be a quarter-mile from where they play.

Parents spend a lot of time and effort to keep their kids active so they will be off the street and out of trouble and the city of New Port Richey doesn't make it easy. They need to put this building down the street .

Virginia S. Lipsey, New Port Richey

Keep an eye on what is important

To drill or not to drill. That is not a question but rather a smokescreen. Just another diversion from the truth. Just another dose of fear as the American people struggle to make ends meet.

Big oil companies sit poised to get no-bid contracts to work Iraq's oil fields. It was over 30 years ago that Saddam Hussein nationalized Iraq's oil and now, amid a falling economy and failed international policies, the major oil companies have a chance to reclaim their hold in the Middle East.

More than 4,000 American soldiers dead, thousands more wounded, a crumbling American infrastructure, a presidential campaign under way and the political media feeds the hungry American population an all-you-can-eat buffet of petty personal attacks, complete with sound bites of preachers.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Drilling can help keep us strong

In reality, we should encourage the legislatures, both federal and state, to do something about reducing and/or eliminating our dependence upon foreign oil.

Remember when "made in U.S.A.'' had meaning? As Americans, our blood is spread throughout the world so that we can continue enjoying the freedoms given to us by the Constitution.

The people who lived through the Great Depression and who made huge sacrifices during both World War I and World War II are diminishing daily. We need to listen to what they have to say about those times. More importantly, we need to make "made in the U.S.A.'' mean something again.

The current economic conditions affect everyone at the gas pump, at the grocery and with the services we expect from governments. But we must rise up and fight for our daily survival.

Perhaps, we are years away from benefitting from the oil off our coasts. However, look at how quickly I-75 was repaired and reopened after the fire in Manatee County. Why cannot we take that same approach to drilling for oil off our coasts?

Everything we do has risks. However, with the technological advancements that we have made, we certainly can minimize the risk to ourselves, shores and beaches.

If we do not act and do something now, it may be too late. We will say, we should have done something in 2008 to help ourselves.

There are more than 300-million opinions in our country. Let us rally together behind the flag and do something for ourselves for a change to ensure our democracy continues to survive and flourish without foreign oil and perhaps foreign interference in our daily lives.

John F. Thompson, Bayonet Point

Don't repeat our mistakes, act now

As a voter, and as an American, I am fed up with party politics. Whatever the lead duck stands for, the other ducks get in line.

The same is true with drilling for oil offshore.

We have sat on our duffs for entirely too long — not the Republicans, not the Democrats, but all elected officials. This is no fault of a single party or a single officeholder. It is our fault as American citizens.

I get so sick and tired of hearing leaders say: "If we start drilling today, we won't feel the effect for 10 or 20 years.''

Wake up and smell the oil! If you dummies had drilled 20 years ago, we might not be in this mess now.

Stop the bickering. Act as Americans who must cut ourselves from the apron strings of the other oil-rich nations.

Yes, it should have been started years ago but don't delay: Do it now.

Let's unite our political parties into one American government and start acting like grownups instead of ducks following the lead duck. I am fed up with party politics.

Charles R. Plummer, Spring Hill

Divisive politics takes us nowhere

As I read the article concerning offshore drilling, I could not help but think: "There they go again.''

Everything done nationally, statewide or at a local level has to do with which political party one belongs to.

Why can we not be Americans first and then consider party affiliation?

I truly believe this is one of the major reasons the public is tired of politics. Politics seems to color the view of people in office and is not what is best for the country.

If the truth were told from both sides, then an answer for working together for the best of the country would be easy.

Half-truths and not answering questions are what we are tired of from leaders, whether local, state or national.

Citizens are much more intelligent than given credit. We do read and understand facts, perhaps better than those in office.

It is time for the people holding office to do what is best for us, our nation and future generations.

LaTreetha E. Sharpley, Spring Hill

Writer ignores media's neglect | June 12 letter

Relying on blogs a troubling trend

Many blogs are innuendoes and rumors and if based on fact, have very little of it. We are unlucky that tens of millions of people get to read these articles and stupidly, foolishly believe them.

So, Dan Rather and Jan Glidewell report and try to be as factual as can be established at the time of the article. Often times, they have written articles instigating and provoking discussions and thoughts.

Having known Jan Glidewell for 34 years, even though he can be a little flamboyant, or offbeat, he is always on the mark if not a direct hit on the bull's-eye with his columns.

I say to the letter write, stay retired and continue to read the blogs of baloney. We need more from Jan who should not be retired.

Jeff Hamilton, Holiday

The biggest steps of his life June 15 article

Entire family deserves cheers

I met the Konrads when Greg enrolled in Cotee River Elementary School. I have become very close friends with the family and give a lot of credit to the parents, Barb and Jim.

They knew if they set limitations to his abilities, his abilities were limited. So, they reached toward the stars and the stars were met.

Great job Greg.

Myrtle Boyce, DeLand

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