Saturday, June 23, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters: Equal enforcement for police, public

Enforcement is key for new DUI policies | May 9, editorial

'Zero tolerance policy' is one-way

This really burns me up! How can this be taken so lightly? This drunk officer put us all in danger that day.

A Clearwater police officer stated in court, under oath, that there is a "zero tolerance policy" when breaking the law in the city of Clearwater. Guess this so-called policy needs to be reviewed because it only affects the citizens, not the personnel who are paid to monitor the safety of our citizens.

Wait — it gets better. That statement was used under oath when I was in court challenging a $116 seat-belt violation for having my belt fastened but "under my arm" when leaving Clearwater Beach with a major sunburn. Yes, you are reading this correctly: extremely strict enforcement for keeping myself safe. No other citizen was in danger that day with my belt being on wrong — no one. The judge would not hear of providing me leniency. Maybe if I were a Clearwater police officer, I would have received a ride home on the back of the officer's motorcycle, without a helmet, and been provided aloe vera to calm the sunburn.

Rob Roy, Palm Harbor

Traffic safety

Motorists create danger on roads

I've made Clearwater my home for the last 14 years, and I love it. The only flaw is the driving habits I've witnessed: talking on cellphones, texting, running stop signs and red lights, ignoring ambulances and other emergency vehicles, drinking and driving, pot smoking (smelled them before seeing them), crossing three lanes of traffic without checking mirrors or using turn signals. The top prize so far goes to the moron who decided the left-hand turn lane was too long and used the lane going in the opposite direction as a traveling lane, making a left turn in said lane (I'm so glad no traffic was coming). I've never seen anything like it — ever.

Suggestion: Go to Michigan and study the timing of the lights and traffic flow. It works there; it may work here.

Linda Linn, Clearwater

Transit wishes | May 11

Pro-tax alliance a reason to vote no

Thank you for your article on Pinellas' pro-transit tax group. Once again you have clearly outlined the destructive alliance of big business, big government and big bucks.

Hopefully, voters and taxpayers, who always get stuck for big boondoggles that make utilities, politicians and special interests rich at their expense, will step up in November and shut that down.

Maureen Zilles, Largo


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