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Letters: Ex Safety Harbor Mayor Steingold shows self-interest

Mayor, ex-mayor face off story, June 26

Ex-mayor shows his self-interest

In response to the article about Safety Harbor's former mayor Andy Steingold being disrespectful to our new mayor, Joe Ayoub, by stirring up trouble, I would like to remind people that it was Andy's choice to resign his position for a failed candidacy to be elected judge.

Andy left by his own will to pursue higher office and now he needs to be respectful to our new mayor by not politicking for his old job back while bashing Joe Ayoub in public forums. Contrary to what Andy said on Facebook, it is this kind of behavior that leads to so much distrust in our elected officials as it makes it obvious they are only trying to serve themselves instead of our community.

Unlike other elected officials I've met, Joe Ayoub is willing to make tough decisions for the betterment of our entire city. One example is his vote to approve the Richman proposal for apartment buildings and standing by his vote, while in contrast, Andy tries to back pedal from his vote in order to gain political favor.

This kind of leadership by Mayor Joe Ayoub takes the tax burden off taxpayers, keeps industry out of a residential area and saves green space.

In comparison, Andy caved to pressure and led the commission when voting to deny the application for a group home for disabled children on Harbor Woods Circle, ultimately costing the city over $200,000 after the city was sued by the group home owner.

Andy, my husband and I supported you in the past but we find your current behavior unprofessional and not in the best interest of the community. Once again, it was your choice to move on, as Safety Harbor has moved on.

Janet L. Muller, Safety Harbor

Dangerous lane on U.S. 19 letter, June 23

Enterprise Road rules defy logic

Couldn't agree more with Mei Tschang's comments. Enterprise Road seems to be the "red-headed stepchild." When traveling south on U.S. 19, you weren't able to turn left onto Enterprise.

Now, due to road work, it's odd the way they are directing the traffic flow from Enterprise onto U.S. 19. You can't turn left off Enterprise onto U.S. 19 anymore. They took away the stoplight, so you have to play "chicken" with the traffic barreling down on you should you try to turn right onto U.S. 19 from Enterprise.

You no longer can shoot across U.S. 19 to continue driving on Enterprise, east to west, to get to Belcher Road, either. In other words, if you live on Enterprise, as I do, to go south you must first go north and make a U-turn at the Countryside or State Road 580 underpass.

I decided to go right onto Village Drive from Enterprise and make a left on Countryside Boulevard and turn left on U.S. 19. One feels like a rat in a maze. Who, I wonder, made up this idea of having to pass your destination, as there's no way to get to it, so you have to drive away from it, do a U-turn and then drive back to it?

Try going south on U.S. 19 to Imperial Cove, which is on the left, then having to go past it, then cutting into some awful road work construction area or down to Belleair Road, taking a U-turn and going back once again, driving north this time. They also took down the little sign stating "Imperial Cove," which you can easily pass by heading north, especially at night.

I fondly remember back when driving was considered fun.

Yvonne Mongan, Clearwater

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