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Letters: Fivay High School's bells disruptive

High school's bells disruptive

During the planning phase of the new Fivay High School, residents attended countless meetings with both county officials and School Board members. During these meetings, residents expressed concerns time and time again about the noise and light pollution that would emanate from the new campus. At all steps of the way residents were assured that noise and light pollution would not be a constant issue. However, now that we are halfway through the first school year, this doesn't seem to be the case.

For several blocks away from the new campus, the bell system can be heard resonating throughout the neighborhood. While this may not be an impact to local businesses along State Road 52, the new school does adjoin to and sit within a residentially zoned area with Fivay Ranches to the north, Griffin Park to the south and Parkwood Acres to the east. While residents understand the need and purpose for the bell system, they do not understand why the bell system has to be so loud. Furthermore, during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Martin Luther King Jr. Day the bell system was not turned off even though students were not in school.

During Thanksgiving, residents contacted Angie Stone, Fivay High School principal, who apologized and assured residents that the bell would be turned off for all future holiday breaks. Yet a month later for the Christmas holiday, the bells were not turned off and as a result residents had to once again contact Mrs. Stone. Again, Mrs. Stone apologized and assured residents that the bell system would be turned off for all future holidays. However, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the bell system rang loud and clear through the neighborhood while serving no purpose since students are not attending school. Upon contacting Mrs. Stone again to address the on-going issue, she replied that the bell would not be turned off, regardless of its disruption to some residents.

In most cases the bell systems at other area high schools are deactivated the Friday before the holiday begins. In attempting to address the noise level of the current bell system, residents have been told that they are hearing the system that dismisses the students on the track and field. However, having attended a Pasco County high school and from personal knowledge, students are dismissed from the track and field and to the locker rooms before the bell rings. This is so that students can be changed and ready for dismissal when the bell does ring. As a result, it would seem that there would be no need or use of the bell to dismiss students from the track and field and those that are being disruptive to the surrounding residents.

It is rather troubling to the residents and taxpayers of Pasco County that Mrs. Stone is not willing to address the ongoing issues of the disruptive bell systems of Fivay High School or to achieve to be a good neighbor. While we endure the noise from the sporting events, we ask that the bell issues be addressed and resolved.

Jeff Cannon, Hudson

A long wait for justice | Jan. 16 article

Family is still awaiting justice

Thank you Molly Moorhead for writing about my friends who have been suffering for three long years waiting for justice.

David Belniak has been a free man for three years, enjoying Christmas with his family, while my friends Raymond (we call him Pops), Georgette, Sal, Kenny, Vicky and the rest of the family have no Christmas and no Christmas lights.

They are depressed, and just hate the holidays because of the DUI crash that killed their family — their mother, sister and brother-in-law. Pops has never been the same. His health has been on a decline. He was lucky to have survived.

My friends are suffering. They need closure. Put the guilty party in jail.

Rebecca Hanos, Port Richey

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